A Career In SAP Is The Most Promising One!

Career In SAP
Career In SAP

As reported by Dow Jones, 100% of the top-scoring sustainability companies use SAP systems.

Businesses implement SAP (Systems Applications and Products) solutions to manage various business processes within the organization, including accounting, human resources and purchasing. With SAP systems’ flexibility, companies become equipped to create their own rules within the SAP structure and integrate the data with a variety of databases, managing the financial transactions, product life cycles, and supply chain activities. According to the world ERP market share report, SAP has 24% of market share across the globe. With each passing year, more and more organizations are moving to SAP software. Thus, SAP professionals get the most lucrative career opportunities in the industry. SAP certification validates the expertise and experience of professionals who want to be placed in an SAP environment and facilitates their career growth.

  • Niche skills

There are more than 378,000 SAP customers in more than 180 countries. Though there is a rise in the adoption of SAP systems by global enterprises, there is a significant shortage of skilled SAP professionals. Thus, earning SAP certification leads to premium rewards like lucrative opportunities and better salary.

  • International employers

Since SAP is one of the largest ERP solutions that is used by large enterprises, SAP professionals are hired by global organizations like Samsung, TATA, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Sony, PepsiCo, Britannia, Nestle, etc. Getting associated with these enterprises ensures job security, stability, a well-defined career growth path, professional perks and competitive compensation.

  • Professional development

Last year, the demand for SAP certified professionals increased by 24.2%. SAP certification allows professionals to accelerate their career growth by increasing proficiency in the skill-set. SAP professionals are in demand and employers are seeking the most deserving and skilled professionals. SAP certification helps professionals in grabbing the most profitable opportunities by demonstrating their SAP skills to employers.

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