A glance at commonly asked questions and answers on embedded systems

Organisations, working in the embedded systems domain, prefer to screen and hire candidates with their own short embedded system’s exam, and usually prefer to recruit candidates who have completed embedded system certification. This article will look at the some frequently asked questions  in the interview.


Questions and Answers based on Embedded Systems

Q1. Explain embedded system?

Ans1. An embedded system uses the power of hardware and software. Based on program present on the embedded system chip, the embedded system performs specific functions.

Q2. What are different types of embedded system?

Ans2.  Different types of embedded system are:

  1. Network and communication
  2. General computing
  3. Digital signal processing
  4. Control system

Q3. What are the advantages of using functions?

Ans3. The advantages of using functions are as follows:

  1. The entire code will consume less memory
  2. Redundancy is eliminated
  3. The length of the program is not
  4. The main program remains simple
  5. The code becomes easy to understand

Q4. How functions are useful in embedded systems?

Ans4. An embedded system may execute many codes simultaneously. In such scenarios, device may find it very difficult and clunky to allocate memory for the entire set of codes. On using functions, only as when the embedded system requires a particular function, it will allocate memory to it and execute it.

Q5. Why embedded systems are widely used?

Ans5.  Given below are some of the advantages due to which embedded systems are widely used:

  1. Offers real time behaviour
  2. Manufacturing cost is low
  3. Consumes less power
  4. User-friendly and small in size

Q6. What are commonly used languages used to program embedded systems?

Ans6. Java, C, Assembly, and ADA

Q7. How embedded systems change our world?

Ans7. Nowadays, embedded systems are used in most of the devices. In fact with the arrival of embedded systems, it has become possible to automate and easily operate industrial electrical equipment.

Embedded System training

It may be a difficult task for any working professional or a fresh graduate to enhance or learn embedded  systems thoroughly by oneself without any guidance. In such scenarios, taking help of a reputed organization for getting trained on Embedded System will be a wise option as online embedded system course will contain online video lecture; assessments; mock tests, and many other facilities. Some of the embedded systems online programs are based on AVR Microcontroller; ARM7 Microcontroller; PIC Microcontroller; PERL Scripting; LabVIEW, and many more.

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