MCSA Interview Question and Answers for 2022

Question: What is MCSA?

Answer: MCSA stands for Microsoft Certified Solution Associate. Microsoft has developed this program to enhance your skills in different advanced technology fields.

Question: Why MCSA Windows Server 2016 is important?

Answer: Windows Server is the brand name of the operating systems of Microsoft. MCSA Windows Server 2016 is very important because it helps you to decrease your costing part while increasing the value of the business.

Question: What do you think is the main goal of MCSA Windows Server 2012?

Answer: The main goal of MCSA Windows Server 2012 is to make us experts in the usage of Windows Server 2012, which ensures that we succeed in computer administration.

Question: What is an Active Directory?

Answer: Active Directory is a directory service by Microsoft for its Windows server. It has exclusive work of functioning of the locator service.

Question: What do you understand by Domain Controller?

Answer: Domain Controller is a controller that responds to the security authentication requests that always come within the domain server. Domain Controller is the centerpiece for Windows Active Directory service.

Question: What is a tree in MCSA?

Answer: A tree in MCSA is a set of one or more Windows domains that are combined with DNS domains.

Question: What is OU?

Answer: OU is the Organizational Unit’s abbreviation. It is the subpart of Microsoft’s Active Directory.

Question: What is Schema in MCSA?

Answer: Objects, rules, attributes, and classes in the Active Directory are described as the Schema in MCSA.

Question: What is the reason for the high demand for MCSA Certification?

Answer: MCSA certification is in high demand because it provides a good pathway for the career to earn more money for the IT professionals.

Question: What is the definition of the Site?

Answer: Site is the umbrella association of subnet that sometimes also has custom planned sets applied to them.

Question: What do you understand by objects in the Active Directory?

Answer: Active Directory is made up of resources and components that are known as objects.

Question: What do you mean by DNS?

Answer: Name resolution services are known as Domain Name Service (DNS).

Question: What is Global Catalogue Server?

Answer: Domain Controller has distributed data storage that is popularly known as the Global Catalogue Server. You can find objects in Active Directory with the help of it.

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