PRINCE2 vs PMP: Which one to choose?

Project Managers (PM) seek for numerous courses that can increase their credibility in the work environment and make them one of the preferable candidates by the top employers. However, the PM peers usually get confused between the selection of the two most preferred courses, namely PRINCE2® and PMP®.

prince2 and PMP

Is there a need of PRINCE2® or PMP® Certification?

Well, an answer to this will be yes! These two courses are the two sides of one coin that at the end helps in getting good salary perks. But, there are some differences as well that the two have in them, as covered in the article, ahead.

Defining PRINCE2® and PMP®

PRINCE2®: It is a methodology that involves the collection of processes that must be carried out by the Project Management team, in order to successfully deliver the product to the clients.

PMP®: It is a methodology that works on the principles of PMBOK® guide. The PMP® credential is preferred by many organizations handling projects and takes it as a criterion for choosing the candidates.

What does PRINCE2® and PMP® test?

PRINCE2®: This exam tests the ability of applying this software based methodology, in handling complex projects. This allows in analyzing numerous Project Management conditions and further making the decisions depending upon PRINCE2®.

PMP®: This exam aims at measuring the testing of the real life project based conditions that candidates may face while handling a project. PMP® is based on the PMI® PMBOK® and the exam patterns are taken from it.

Prerequisites for PMP® and PRINCE2®

PRINCE2®: Foundation level does not require any pre-requisites, while before attempting for the Practitioner level, the candidate must have cleared the Foundation level.

PMP®: It needs the following prerequisites:

  • A secondary-level degree / diploma along with minimum 5 years of work experience in Project Management with 7,500 hours in directing projects. Also, 35 hours of education in Project Management.


  • A 4 year or bachelor degree with minimum 3 years of Project Management experience with 4,500 hours in leading projects. Also, Project Management education of 35 hours.

PRINCE2® and PMP® preferred regions

PRINCE2®: The regions that prefer these professionals include UK, Australia, and Europe.

PMP®: These Certified professionals are preferred by the countries like USA, Middle East, Canada, and Australia.


With a rapid increase in the globalization of industries, both the Certifications are gaining fame. However, it can always be chosen upon the requirements of the candidates. If one has to attain knowledge about successful management, execution and delivery of a project, PMP is a good choice; while, PRINCE2® focuses on the framework for successful execution of the project.

Though, it can turn good to start with PRINCE2® and moving on to attaining the PMP® Certification to build a strong knowledge bank to handle projects.

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