Top 5 CAD-CAM Courses for Job Oriented Career in 2020

The training courses based on computer-aided design (CAD) and Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) are getting universal popularity. CAD creates the models and assemblies to generate toolpaths, whereas the CAM software uses those to turn designs into physical parts. Hence, the CAD/CAM software is used to design and manufacture prototypes, finished parts and production runs. These are used in eliminating time-gaps, enabling managers to show the 3D models before starting the manufacturing process, and helping the companies to reduce the drawbacks before beginning the manufacturing. With the growing popularity of computer-aided design and drafting software, the CAD-CAM courses have started getting more attention by the passed-out graduates and working professionals. Let’s discuss some courses that are grabbing mass attention.

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  1. (i) Revit® Architecture Online Certification Training
  2. (ii) 3ds MAX Online Certification Training
  3. (iii) Intergraph CAESAR II® Online Certification Training
  4. (iv) Intergraph CAESAR II® Online Certification Training
  5. (v) SolidWorks® Online Certification Training
cad cam courses
CAD-CAM Courses

Revit® Architecture Online Certification Training:

The Revit® Architecture Online Certification Training is ideal for the Architectural Engineering students who are keen on exploring the design capabilities of Revit® Architecture software. It prepares them to work with model & insert functions, view and sheet composition, constraints & extrusion, and curtain wall and circulation functions.

3ds MAX Online Certification Training :

The 3ds MAX Online Certification Training is ideal for architects, design professionals, interior designers, game developers, visualization studios, and design enthusiasts. Pursue this cad cam online course if you are keen to learn how to create models, generate animation, practice character poly modeling, work on materials, define textures and UV workflow, illustrate character studio skills, including rigging and animating, perform rendering and HDRI, and apply lighting effects.

Intergraph CAESAR II® Online Certification Training :

The Intergraph CAESAR II® software is designed to help the oil, gas, beverage, and petrochemical industry with effective pipe design. And the Intergraph CAESAR II® Online Certification Training is designed for the engineering candidates who are willing to pursue a career in pipe designing. It teaches the aspirants for model generation, system evaluation, system re-design, Basic Stress-Strain Theories, Theories of failure, Preparing stress Critical line list, Modeling of piping systems in CAESAR II, Support span Calculations, Spring design & Modeling in CAESAR II.

SmartPlant® 3D (SP3D) Online Training Course :

Smart Plant –3D (SP3D) is a modelling software that is used in pipe designing. Get proficiency in Piping hierarchy, piping routing, piping placing, Isometric drawing extraction, Equipment placing, and Grid/Coordinate System if you want to be a proficient employee in oil, gas, petrochemical, food, beverage, steel, and pharmaceutical industry. The SmartPlant® 3D (SP3D) Online Training Course offers modules like Piping, Equipment, Structure, and Supports.

SolidWorks® Online Certification Training

Being one of the most demanded cad cam training courses, the SolidWorks® Online Certification Training is designed to teach the aspirants the practices of creating solid 3D models. It features the modules like Sketching, Sketched Features, Assembly Modeling, Applied Features, Basic part modelling, Create Drawings, Evaluation and Properties, SolidWorks® Basics & User interface, and Software Customization and Implementation. It is designed for the individuals who have to understand of engineering/product drawings, own working experience in new Product Development, or possess imaginative skills. 

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