3ds MAX: An insight to the work phases of the 3D modeling software!

Autodesk’s Media and Entertainment division introduced the 3D animation and rendering software, commonly called the 3ds MAX. It was previously known as 3D Studio or 3D Studio MAX. It is used mostly in adding the effects in movies or in making the games interactive. It uses different combinations and join the objects together in order to bring life to them.

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Work Phases in 3ds MAX

3ds MAX comprises of different work phases, let’s take a look at each one of them:

  • Modeling: Under this phase various techniques comes in use in order to create the objects as per the user’s needs. It contains a list of some pre-defined objects, namely standard primitives, extended primitives, and user-defined models. The tool set used is known as the modeling ribbon.
  • Materials & Texture: This phase involves the materials like the color through which objects are painted and texture is also added to them. Materials helps the objects to look more real and lively. Texture comprises of the color, reflection, diffusion added to the object. It also includes the addition of maps, wherein images, surface texture, and even maps can be added to the objects.
  • Lighting: This helps to illuminate a scene and casts the shadows; hence, improving its real nature. Lighting involves the spotlight aspect wherein a light, beaming the form of a flashlight, is focused on an area; thus, helping to control the intensity and the shape of an object. It also involves the daylight feature which is a combination of sunlight and skylight features.
  • Rendering: It is known as one of the technical, but an interesting phase of 3ds MAX. It  finalizes a 2D image into 3D by collaborating all the previous information. The rendering process is used in photographing every pixel on the object or image.
  • Post-Production Adjustments: The final stage includes fine tuning of the object, once the rendering part gets completed. This is done with the help of Photoshop.

Hence, 3ds MAX can be used to learn and innovate the 3D modeling by applying innovation. Animation and the development skills can be enhanced by the help of this software, as the user interface is also very friendly. The ones who have a knowledge of working and maintaining these projects are in high demand in industry.

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