Here’s all you need to know about CAD/CAM – How you can improve your industry-specific skills

CAD: CAD i.e. Computer Aided Design includes the use of computer programs for creating 2D or 3D representation of physical objects. CAD helps in making computer animations and adding special effects in the movies or advertisements. It is also used in designing physical products amongst numerous industries that works on calculating and identifying the shape or size of varied products.


CAM: CAM i.e. Computer Aided Manufacturing involves the use of the computer system for planning, managing, and controlling the manufacturing related operations. CAM can work either directly or indirectly on the computer interface related to plant’s resources used in production. It also refers to the use of numerical code for creating an elaborate instruction set called G-Code. It also helps in developing the high-quality parts.

Why to use CAD/CAM?

  1. CAD/CAM acts as the key in improvising the manufacturing productivity and considered as one of the best ones to meet the complicated design requirements.
  1. They also assist the engineers with performing the technical tasks with efficiency and let them get free from the hectic and time-taking tasks.
  1. All the CAD/CAM software are widely accepted, as they speed up the design process; thus, increasing the productivity, innovation, and the level of creativity.
  1. They maintain the accuracy and consistency in the technological designs and meet the upgraded production requirements.
  1. They consist of all the processes involved to conceptualize, design, analyze and real manufacturing with the help of the computer.

CAD tools needed in various Design Phases

Design Phase CAD Tools Used
Design Conceptualization Geometric modeling tools, Graphics aid, manipulation and visualization
Design Modeling and Simulation The above mentioned software along with animation and special modeling packages.
Design Analysis Analysis Packages, Customized programs and packages
Design Optimization Customized Applications, Structural Optimization
Design Evaluation BOM, Tolerances and Dimensioning
Design Communication and Documentation Drafting and Detailing

CAM Tools needed in various Manufacturing Phases

Manufacturing Phase CAM Tools Used
Process Planning Cost Analysis, Material and tooling  Specification, Capp Techniques
Part Programming NC Programming
Inspection CAQ, Inspection software
Assembly Robotics Simulation and Programming

Some Major CAD/CAM Software

  • CATIA: It operates on multi platform developed by Dassault Systems It is well known as a software used for 3D Product Lifecycle Management. It is mostly used in the Engineering industry, primarily in automotive and aerospace domains.
  • SolidWorks: It makes use of the Parametric approach for creating models and assemblies. Parameters can range from being numeric parameters i.e. line or circles to geometric parameters i.e. tangents, or parallels.
  • Rhinoceros 3D: It is most commonly used in architectural design, jewelry designing, reverse engineering and also used in graphic designing and multimedia industry.
  • NX: It supports all the stages involved in product development, including conceptualization, designing, analysis, and manufacturing.

Hence, CAD/CAM is widely accepted in Designing and Manufacturing firms in the Engineering domain. The aspirants willing to make career in CAD/CAM domain and remain competitive in this emerging domain, can enroll in various CAD/CAM software online training courses.

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