Learn The Next Generation Technology, Today “AI”

Artificial Intelligence is seen to be the technology of the next generation. It has already become a part and parcel of our daily lives with ideas such as smart assistants, traffic predictions, spam filters on emails, chatbots, safe transactions and automated product recommendations. The innovation has taken the ability to communicate, invent, think, express and create beyond human capability. Humans are creating and inventing devices and softwares that can think, make decisions, express and perform tasks without human interference or the need for complex programming.

Self-driving cars, smart replies, improved education, automated investment practices are a few examples of what can be expected from AI in the near future. Sophia, the social humanoid robot who can display more than 60 different human expressions is just a preliminary version of what AI has to offer.

The Artificial form of Intelligence is used in various industries including aeronautics, medical, education, automobile, banking and electronics. This offers a wide range of career opportunities to individuals keenly interested in the field. Renowned companies such as Google, Amazon, Android, Instagram and Facebook using the advanced technology are regularly in search of candidates who have the skills related to AI. The average annual salary of an AI job is $111,118. Professionals related to engineering and developing can gain high career and income profits by learning the mechanization.

The training is joined by working professionals and corporate companies that face neck-to-throat competition in the market. The courseware is carefully designed to meet international standards. In its 18 hours duration, the course lays out details of fundamentals of reinforcement learning, Q-learning intuition, building a self-driving car, deep Q-learning, installation, creating the environment, making an AI, playing with the AI and teaching AI to play doom and win.

Team of certified and highly experienced experts come together to deliver AI skills, code templates, intuition tutorial, real-world solutions and in-course support to beginners, professionals and corporates. Trainers at Multisoft are also candidates’ mentors, who offer them with professional support, guidance, exam preparation tips and interview questions from time to time.

Candidates are given 24×7 access to recorded training sessions so that they can revise their courseware anytime while pursuing the course. Also, lifetime access to digital learning material helps them to use the training resources for future reference.

The course is suitable for those looking for career possibilities of AI and corporates wishing to boost the skills of their employees. Training at Multisoft Virtual Academy is never confined to theoretical material. Learners are offered software access and hands-on sessions which help them to gain practical experience and firm grip of topics they learn. Moreover, a set of assessments, assignments, lab tests, mock tests and quizzes helps them to analyze their knowledge of the course they are pursuing.

Online training is taken up by aspirants all around the globe belonging to different time zones. Flexible scheduling allows them to customize the date, time and duration of training sessions as per their convenience.

Every learner of AI online certification training is awarded a training certificate after completing the training. This certificate helps learners to validate their skills in Artificial Intelligence, boost their confidence, strengthen their resume and gain career opportunities Artificial Intelligence offers. Corporate companies may use the training certificate to showcase the extraordinary skills of their employees.

Our team of training advisors, coordinators and IT support is always available during the training and even after completion of the course whenever required. Multisoft is committed to offering the best quality training services with incredible features at most reasonable pricing.

Multisoft Virtual Academy is an online training platform that has completed training millions of learners in 600+ technical and non-technical corporate courses in their 17 years of service in partnership with renowned organizations such as Microsoft, PMI, IIBA, Oracle, Cisco, IBM and Android.

Author Bhumika Gupta is a seasoned Technical Content Writer and Content Developer and has been awarded a National Certificate for her writings. She is keenly interested in the training sector and is currently working as a Senior Content Writer at Multisoft Virtual Academy.

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