Critical 21 Artificial Intelligence(AI) Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

Artificial Intelligence has introduced intelligence beyond human knowledge. The devices and softwares used through the technology are offering the ability to communicate, invent, think, express and create equivalent to human capability and even beyond. This ability is the reason behind top companies such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon and Android to hire AI professionals for various industries such as education, healthcare, automobile, banking and electronics. Beginners and professionals who possess the skills of AI can expect jobs in renowned companies with more than $111,000 annual salary. Here are the top 10 AI interview questions along with their answers that will help you get a job in 2020:

Question: What is the difference between Strong Artificial Intelligence and Weak Artificial Intelligence?

Answer: There are a lot of differences between weak and strong Artificial Intelligence. First and the foremost, weak AI has limited scopes as compared to widely applied strong AI that offers vast scope. On the other hand, weak AI is good at performing specific tasks and strong AI possesses intelligence of human level. Lastly, weak AI uses learning that is processed and unprocessed to process data and strong AI uses association to do the same.

Question: List some applications and programming languages used in AI.

Answer: Applications of AI include Natural language processing, Chatbots, Sentiment analysis, Sales prediction, Self-driving cars, Facial expression recognition, Image tagging. AI can be done on programming languages such as Python, R, Lisp, Prolog, Java, and C++.

Question: What is Turing test?

Answer: The ability of a machine to match human level of intelligence is tested using the method of Turing test. A machine is considered intelligent if it passes the challenge against human intelligence. The machine can be considered intelligent inspite the lack of sufficiently mimicking humans.

Question: What is an expert system? List some advantages.

Answer: An AI program with the knowledge about utilizing information to react appropriately in a particular area is an expert system. It offers benefits such as Consistency, Memory, Diligence, Logic, Multiple expertise, Ability to reason, Fast response and Unbiased in nature.

Question: What is bidirect algorithm?

Answer: Bidirect algorithm begins searching from the beginning state in forward and from objective state in reverse. Each search is performed up to half of both ways. The searches are to identify in a common state by linking the beginning state with objective state.

Question: How are game theory and AI-Related?

Answer: AI uses game theory as it needs more than one participant to narrow the field. Game theory delivers maximum utility by enhancing decision to get maximum utility.  A game is designed for a group of intelligent participants using inverse game theory.

Question: What is fuzzy logic? List its application.

Answer: Fuzzy logic is a kind of encoding of human learning for artificial processing and is a subset of AI. A form of many-valued logic, it is showcased us IF-Then rules.

Question: What is FOPL?

Answer: FOPL is a collection of formal systems in which individual statements are divided into subject and predicate. FOPL is the abbreviation for First-order predicate logic, where predicate means a single subject which can be modified or defined for the properties of the subject.

Question: What is the difference between parametric and non-parametric models?

Answer: There are a lot of differences between parametric and non-parametric models.

  1. While parametric model features a particular amount of parameters for predicting new data, non-parametric model does the same by using unbounded number of parameters.
  2. Algorithms used by parametric models are Logistics regression, linear discriminant analysis, perceptron, and Naïve Bayes. The list of algorithms used by non-parametric model includes decision trees like CAR and C4.5, K-nearest neighbors and support vector machines.
  3. Parametric models are used because they are simple fast and consume less data. On the other hand, non-parametric models are used because of their flexibility, power and performance.
  4. While parametric models lack complexity, fit and are constrained; non-parametric models are slower, consume more data and over fit.

Question: What is a partial-order planning?

Answer: Any problem can only be solved by identifying, allocating or developing solutions for it, performing each step at a time. Partial-order plan allocates each step as to be performed only when required.

Question: Why is Artificial Intelligence training important?

Answer: Artificial intelligence is used in various industries such as aeronautics, medical, education, automobile, banking and electronics; bringing a range of career possibilities with it. With renowned companies such as Google, Amazon, Android, Instagram and Facebook associated with Artificial Intelligence, getting Artificial Intelligence training can boost your professional importance that the industry demands.

Question: Who can do Artificial Intelligence training?

Answer: Training for Artificial Intelligence can be pursued by anyone who is interested about the new technological advancements that to take place in the coming years. All you need to have is the basic knowledge of concepts of physics, engineering, computer science and mathematics. We provide training to professionals and corporate companies related to engineering, developing and machine designing industries.

Question: How will the training be provided?

Answer: Multisoft is a virtual training platform and conducts online trainings. All you need for getting the raining is a laptop or a computer with internet connection that can support the required softwares.

Question: Who will be providing the training?

Answer: The training will be provided by a team of experts who are certified and have completed training thousands of leaners in their many years of experience. These trainers are also your mentors who provide professional guidance whenever needed.

Question: When will the training be conducted?

Answer: The training is conducted at time, date and duration as convenient for the learner. The timings of all courses at Multisoft are flexible and can be customized.

Question: What training features are offered to AI online course learners?

Answer: Training features offered to learners of various AI courses at Multisoft Virtual Academy include hands-on sessions and access to learning material, so that they are never limited to theoretical knowledge and can revise the learning material anytime they want to, while pursuing the course or even later in their lifetime.

Question: Is it an individual or group training?

Answer: This completely depends on the learner. Training for AI courses is conducted as one-to-one or group training as needed by the learner. Generally, while professionals prefer individual training, corporate companies want their employees to be trained as a group.

Question: How do I know which AI course suits my professional requirements?

Answer: Multisoft Virtual Academy offers online training for a variety of Artificial Intelligence courses so that they can meet the varying needs and demands of industries and fields AI is spread across.

Question: Is the courseware updated?

Answer: All our corporate training courses are meant for professionals looking for career growth in this technological era. The courseware of all Artificial Intelligence courses is carefully designed and structured to meet the international standards. Moreover, we provide training in partnership with companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, ITIL, DevOps Institute, Intel, Android and CISCO.

Question: How do I validate my training?

Answer: Every learner of Artificial Intelligence course is awarded a training certificate after successfully completing the training. Professionals can use this certificate to strengthen their salary and expect an increased salary, while corporate companies can use it to showcase the skills of their employees.

The knowledge of answering the interview question of AI can only be obtained after having skills related to technology. You can learn Artificial Intelligent anytime and anywhere with the help of AI online training course offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy. To read more about the course and to join it, click here. You may visit our website to have a look at 600+ online courses we offer to professionals and corporate companies.

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