What are the stages of SAP BRIM solution business lifecycle process?

To learn how businesses are revolutionizing their complex billing and invoicing process using SAP BRIM, consider enrolling for AC230 SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM) Training Certification Online Course from Multisoft Virtual Academy. However, if you want to learn how SAP BRIM works, we are here to help. In this blog, we will learn the stages involved in business lifecycle processes of SAP BRIM.

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What is SAP BRIM? – SAP BRIM Training Course

Sap BRIM Training
sap brim training

SAP BRIM (Billing and Revenue Innovation Management) is a modular billing solution for high-volume consumption industries and is used to ease the complex billing and invoicing process. It enables flexible consumption models and is used in different industries like telecommunications, financial services, utilities, media, logistics and public transport.

With the SAP BRIM solution, customer requirements can be implemented better and faster, and high data volumes can be processed with high efficiency. SAP BRIM simplifies the entire process of selling products and services and revenue sharing in the most effective way. SAP BRIM allows companies to design and tailor their pricing models and to create targeted products and services based on customer needs. Also, SAP BRIM offers the possibility of real-time pricing.

Stages of Business Lifecycle Process- SAP BRIM Training Course

  • The first phase is design, in which SAP BRIM assists with the creation of a uniform design for a business and pricing model, along with the master agreement that will be used as the base for other downstream processes.
  • Once this is done, the next phase, solution sales, kicks in. In this phase, companies define how they will sell their products with the assistance of the contract management and/or quote management functionalities offered by SAP BRIM.
  • The third phase is solution delivery. In this phase, companies define the charging methodology for their portfolios. In other words, this is when the companies decide how and how much their customers will be charged based on the business models they pursue. For example, if a company follows an event-based model, it will define the business/transaction events that trigger charges for customers. If a company chooses a consumption-based model, it will calculate the tiers of consumption in which customers will be charged.
  • The final phase is solution billing. In this phase, SAP BRIM lets companies manage their billing and invoicing mechanisms for consumers based on what has been finalized in previous phases. Furthermore, SAP BRIM aids in the management of revenue recognition and management with various tools for revenue analysis.

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SAP BRIM Components Training
sap brim Components

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SAP BRIM Training Course from Multisoft Virtual Academy imparts knowledge on all the main aspects of SAP BRIM and helps in developing understanding of BRIM Processes; getting acquainted with the Billing and Revenue Innovation Management Solution Components and running BRIM Process with Provider Order, Credit Note, Rate Usage, and Run Dunning.  This course is ideal for Team Leads; Application Consultants; Business Process Owners; Power Users; Program Managers; Project Managers and Solution Architects.

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