Why Business Need to Utilize Primavera

Primavera is used by businesses associated with by architecture, engineering and construction industry for project and program management. It allows users to measure progress, improve team collaboration, assure governance and prioritize project investments and resources. Primavera P6, developed and marketed by Oracle, the producers of Primavera is the most effective project management software in the market. It provides features such as risk management, critical path analysis, resource and cost management. Primavera Training Online Read more..

Primavera Training Online

Primavera P6 is used by project managers, planning engineers, and schedulers to plan, manage and track complex projects. Primavera P6 allows project managers to manage complex projects and project portfolios, increase visibility, manage project risks, perform resource & cost management and improve decision making and collaboration.

The two versions of P6 are Primavera Professional Project (PPM) and Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM). P6 PPM is used as a standalone or an enterprise tool. Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM offers Methodology Management tool that includes project templates for different kinds of projects.

Manage Projects Like Never Before With Primavera Online Coaching

The features provided by Primavera P6 include cost efficiency, easy to learn, simple set-up, fast and more control without the need of much responsibility which makes it a preferred project management software across industries such as Engineering, Construction, Government, Aerospace, Defense, High-Technology, Manufacturing, Utilities, and Oil & Gas. Corporate companies belonging to these industries must get their employees trained in Primavera to deliver increased productivity and stand out from competitions in the market. Primavera can be easily learned online with the help of Primavera P6 online training provided by Multisoft Virtual Academy. The online training offers multiple benefits such as:

  1. Expert Trainers: The training for Primavera online courses is provided by certified trainers who are highly experienced and have completed training more than 14,000 learners.
  • Customized courses: Since Primavera is used in a variety of industries different courses are offered to meet varying requirements of companies associated with different fields.
  • Primavera courses offered at Multisoft Virtual Academy are:
  • Primavera P6 online training
  • Primavera advanced training
  • Primavera Analytics training
  • Primavera Unifier Administration
  • Managing risk in Primavera
  • Flexible timings: Primavera online training is enrolled by working corporate companies all across the globe belonging to different time zones. To allow employees to gain training according to their convenience, the courses are customizable. Time, date and duration of training sessions are decided as predefined by the candidate.
  • Lifetime access to recorded sessions: What makes training at Multisoft unique is that they maintain the relationship with learners even after completion of course. The learners get lifetime access for recorded sessions so that they can rewind their training any time they need in the future.
  • 24×7 access to e-learning material: The learners are also offered 24×7 access to digital study material so that they can revise online anytime.
  • Flexible scheduling: Primavera online training is taken by corporate companies from all across the globe belonging to different time zones. The learners can customize the time, date and duration of training sessions as per their convenience.
  • Updated courseware: Primavera P6 training online is taken by corporate companies around the world. The courses are carefully designed and structured to meet international standards.
  • Friendly pricing: Training at Multisoft Virtual Academy is provided to deliver the best quality education at the most reasonable prices. The cost of each online course differs as per the features it offers to its learners.
  • Training certificate: Every learner at Multisoft Virtual Academy is awarded a training certificate after completing the Primavera online course. This certificate can be used by corporate companies to showcase the skills their employees possess.

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