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SAP HANA Interview

SAP HANA Training is an ERP solution that works as a combination of hardware & software and is mainly used as a database server that helps store and retrieve data according to the requirement of various applications. It is used in various industries such as aerospace, agribusiness, automotive, banking & finance, manufacturing, consumer products, engineering, and food &drug production. Renowned companies such as United States Postal Service, Compass Group PLC, Volkswagen AG, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and Deutsche Post AG are always in search of professionals who have the skills and in-depth knowledge related to SAP HANA. Here are the trending SAP HANA interview questions that will help you get a job in 2020:

Question: Why did you choose SAP HANA to pursue your career?

Answer: SAP HANA is considered as a revolutionary solution for in-memory databases and is one of the most rapidly growing products in SAP. It boosts analytics and application on the in-memory platform. Its features such as real-time data, speed, access to various data sourcing deployable to Cloud, simplicity, cost and choice options it offers makes SAP HANA Training a preferred choice for Business Objects Data Services.

Question: What are the supported platforms for HANA Studio?

Answer: SAP HANA Training Studio works on Eclipse platform 3.6. SAP HANA can be used in the following platforms:

  1. Versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7; namely Microsoft Windows x32 and x64.
  2. X86 64-bit version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SLES 11

Question: What is a restricted user?

Answer: The users who have access to limited number applications on SAP HANA which doesn’t include SQL are called restricted users. They lack access initially after they are created. They cannot create objects at the HANA database or their schemas. They are not allowed to view any data in the database because they lack a generic public role in their profiles. Moreover, they are connected to the HANA database only using HTTP/HTTPS.

Question: What is Schema?

Answer: A way to logically group tables, views, stored procedures, etc. is a database schema. The three types of schemas are:

  1. Created by a user called User-defined Schema.
  2. Delivered with the SAP HANA Training database and contain the HANA system information called System-defined Schema.
  3. SLT is configured to create the schema in HANA called SLT-derived Schema.

Question: What systems are required for SAP HANA?

Answer: The systems requirements for SAP HANA are:

  • Installation of Java JRE 1.6 or 1.7
  • Java runtime must be PATH variable
  • Correct variation of Java for installation of SAP HANA studio
    • 32-bit Java variant for 32-bit installation
    • 64-bit Java variant for 64-bit installation

Question: Why do we configure Import Server?

Answer: A connection with the server needs to be established to load data from external sources to SAP HANA Training. Details of Business Object Data Services repository and ADBC drivers need to be provided to be able to establish this connection.

Question: What are Column stores and Row stores?

Answer: Column stores and Row stores are two types of data stores in the database. Statements can be selected without the need to perform aggregations with the help of a Row store. Aggregations are performed and HANA modelling is supported in a Column store.

Question: Mention the validity of different license key types in the HANA system?

Answer: The differences between Temporary License Key and Permanent License Key are as follows:

Temporary License Key Permanent License Key
Automatically installed on installing HANA database Needs to be installed separately
Valid only for 90 days Valid till the predefined expiration date
Permanent license key needs to be requested from SAP The amount of memory licensed to target HANA installation is specified by license keys

Question: What is the main database component?

Answer: Index Server consists of data engines responsible for data processing and is the main SAP HANA database component. It is used for data processing, including input SQL and MDX statements, and performs authentic transactions.

Question: What is SQL Script?

Answer: An SQL script is a set of SQL extensions for SAP HANA database that help developers to put data-intensive logic into the database.

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