Get to know better about the career-enhancing Microsoft certifications

Microsoft® has been in the IT industry for quite a long time and its products and services are used in almost every corporate sector. The Microsoft online courses can provide you accurate, complete and updated knowledge about any of the Microsoft products or technologies, and aid you develop the ability to work with them efficiently. Right from cloud computing and database to server and dynamics, Microsoft offers numerous applications to serve different domains of business.Microsoft-Domain

Microsoft certifications discrete you from others and augment your visibility amongst your associates by offering astounding obvious specialized aptitudes, subsequently providing you a competitive edge in the current focused time. There are so many well-accredited certifications from Microsoft that can help the aspirants to validate their proficiency in any of the several Microsoft domains. Some of the prominent certifications that are recommended by the experts are:

  • NET MVC 4 Web Applications
  • MS-SQL 2012
  • BI Solutions
  • MCSA Training
  • AX Trade & Logistics
  • AX Financials
  • MS-SQL Server BI
  • MCSA SQL Server 2012
  • Macro and VBA Excel
  • Developing MS Azure
  • MS SharePoint® Server 2013 Administrator

Whether you are an established professional or a novice in the domain of Microsoft, a proper training can give you an expertise in any specific Microsoft product or technology. There are numerous Microsoft courses online that not only provide you expertise, but also allow you to demonstrate this expertise by earning a certification. The official Microsoft course ware is used in this training and official guides and assessments are also offered during the training. In addition to the aforesaid certifications, there are other course modules too that are in great demand in the market and earning an accreditation in any of these can give your career a new direction and take it to new heights.

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