Understanding CATIA Certification

CATIA – which stands for Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application – is the most capable, powerful and broadly used CAD (computer aided design) software.


CATIA is owned, developed and created by Dassault Systems of France and until 2010, was marketed worldwide by IBM.

Who uses CATIA?

CATIA might be the only software that is used by every individual. A simpler question to answer may be who doesn’t utilize CATIA? Look around you. Everything you see had to be designed before it can be manufactured.

The Chair you are sitting in, your desk, even the pen on your desk, your appliances, automobile and many other things, nearly all products are first designed for the computer before their manufacturing. Even computers are designed on computers. CATIA plays an important role in the designing process. Architects are now using CATIA for designing these items.

CATIA is utilized by the automobile and aviation industries for vehicle and aircraft item and tooling design. There are a huge number of organizations in the world utilizing CATIA. For each organization that uses CATIA for product designs, there are many software providers to that company likewise use CATIA.

CATIA is found in a variety of manufacturing and designing industries throughout the world. Some of these industries include; Appliances, Aerospace, Architecture, Construction, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Medical, Electronics, Mold and Die, Furniture, Machinery, and Shipbuilding.

CATIA has played a noteworthy part in NASA’s design of the Space Shuttle. The military – working with private industry uses CATIA for the design of “jet-fighter” aircraft, the plane carrying warships, helicopters, tanks and different types of weaponry.

Where is CATIA used?

Companies which are occupied in the design and/or manufacture of products of any kind, CATIA can usually be found.

What job opportunities are there?

With more and more companies adopting CATIA as their primary CAD system, there are never enough designers (with CATIA knowledge) to fill the world-wide demand.

Coming back to the CATIA certification, there are immense benefits other than validating your skills that you can derive from this certification.

The benefits of getting the CATIA certification includes, but certainly not limited to:

  • Brings more and better career opportunities to you
  • Builds, right level of expertise in you
  • Helps you gain recognition
  • Makes you more confident and advanced in your domain
  • Enables you to contribute more towards your organization

Hope this works for you.

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