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Nowadays analytics is on the most sought after technology to work with because a huge amount of data is being processed continuously on a daily basis from the various organizations. To maintain these data in a proper manner, data analysis is an essential technology for every organization that helps in multiple activities. With the help of a data analysis technology and expert, an organization can easily maintain the following work: 

  • Examine the data
  • Understanding the requirement
  • Classification of data and requirement
  • Prediction and planning
  • Managing input and output process, and many more.

Every professional who is interested in making his/her career in the SAS technology should join the SAS online training. Nowadays, joining classroom training of data analytics and SAS domain is certainly difficult for a professional who is working anywhere. By joining the SAS training online, you can start learning from the basics according to your comfort time In the SAS domain, there are two most visited courses “SAS Base” and “SAS Advanced”, which a professional can join to give a right direction to his/her career.

 SAS® Base

SAS® Certified Base Programmer for SAS® course comprises two basic courses, The first one is SAS®Programming 1: Essentials and the other is SAS® Programming

2: Data Manipulation Techniques.

The aspiring learners will learn:

  • How to direct the SAS® windows environment
  • How to read various types of data into SAS® data sets
  • How to enhance summary reports and listing
  • How to validate and combine SAS® data sets

This Base SAS® certification additionally communicates the expertise required to control SAS® dataset output and input as well as perform  SAS® array processing and DO loop, transforming character, date variables and numeric. After the culmination of the SAS® Certified Base Programmer for SAS® course, the aspiring job seekers can work as SAS® Developers, ETL Specialists, Business Analysts, Securities Analysts as well as Statisticians.

 SAS Advanced

After a fair knowledge of SAS Base, one needs to become an expert and that can only happen through the advanced SAS training.  He/She needs to have a basic to expert level knowledge about:

  • Resolving difficult problems via advanced DATA step programming statements
  • Writing SAS® Macro programs and code
  • By Using conditional logic in Query Builder to build new columns multiple values prompts
  • The ability to use functions to translate the data type from character to numeric and vice-versa
  • Deploying characters
  • Creating sub-queries. Read More

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