Get your Re-certification facts about CCBA®/CBAP® right!

So you have achieved CCBA®/CBAP®. Congratulations for this great achievement. You are now counted in the most elite group of BAs globally.

But to enjoy the uninterrupted benefits of holding one of the coveted credentials, you need to maintain it. Every three years, you need to earn 60 CDUs (Continuing Development Units) to keep your certification active.

The Fact Meter:

  • After gaining the prestigious CBAP®/ CCBA® titles, you need to get it renewed at an interval of three years.
  • You will receive intimation from IIBA® regarding the renewal/ re-certification approximately three months prior to the due date. The parent website holds all the information that includes the re-cert handbook, guidelines and reporting format.
  • In order to get your certificate renewed, you need to accumulate 60 CDUs in the span of three years.
  • Initiate Logging all your Business Analysis activities after the very day you pass the examination.

Re-certification Categories for CBAP®/ CCBA®

cbap recertification

  •  Since one category does not provide the needed 60 CDUs, consider a combination of two or three categories.

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