Getting Acquainted with CSS3

Ever thought how critical is the look and feel of a website? It is as important as the platter on your table. The food might be yummy but then it has to be attractive enough in order to be palatable. Similarly, if a website is not user-friendly and eye-catching, it won’t get many returning visitors. You might boast of high-quality content but that falls flat if not presented well.

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What is a CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the solution to the problem stated above. CSS is a popular and commonly used style sheet language that is used to determine the look and feel of a Web page. While, CSS is responsible for how content appears on a Web page; HTML is responsible for what content appears on a Web page. CSS lets you monitor how an HTML element will appear by controlling element’s attributes, such as font size, font type, font color, style, position, etc.

Separating content from its presentation provides you with various advantages:

  • Better accessibility to content
  • Better control of formatting features
  • Enabling you to define same formatting for different Web pages
  • Providing consistency in the Web pages of a same website.

Features of CSS3 (Latest Version of CSS)

The latest version of CSS is CSS3 loaded with many useful features and is now first choice for a Web Designer because of it allows allow users to use their creative skills to a great extent in designing a Web page.

  • CSS 3 Rounded Corners: As the name suggest, the border-radius property creates rounded corner elements without having the need of writing tedious code.
  • CSS 3 Multicolumn Layout: Lets you create as many columns as required in a Web page.
  • CSS 3 Transform: Lets you rotate Web elements of a Web page in the desired direction.

CSS works as a strategy tool that might be one of the key factors for increasing a company’s product or service. However, CSS is mainly used with HTML; as CSS takes care of the formatting and look of elements placed in a HTML page. Multisoft Virtual Academy provides HTML5 CSS3 Certification Training to the keen Web Designers. You can explore us for more details on HTML5 Online Course.

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