How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Businesses?

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Now coming back to the blog…

From a pre-arranged list of our favourite songs to jewellery or shoes that would go best with your current purchase, AI is taking over the consumer realm. It has impacted our choices and preferences, but how is AI helping the business ecosystem, where every business is different. 

AI and business today

Artificial intelligence is nowadays used as a supportive tool. Though, it is yet to match human intelligence and ingenuity, it is adept at analyzing and processing tons of data and that too much faster than a human brain. Once the data is analyzed artificial intelligence software synthesizes courses of action and provides them to the human user. AI is also being used to predict the possible outcomes of each action, which can help us in decision-making process.

The capabilities of AI makes it valuable for businesses, as it can help them better perform various activities,  be it suggesting items to a customer or performing a complex task like monitoring device activities to grant user access.

Here are few common uses of AI in business landscape:

  1. AI is used in systems to collect vast amounts of data from various data sources, such as email, mobile, social media, etc. All these data are saved and delivered to human user, enabling to make better decisions.
  • When it comes to cyber security, Artificial intelligence has become indispensable.  AI can easily monitor patterns of data input and detect cyberattack or cyberthreats.

Once the threat is detected, it can trace the data and find the course, helping to prevent a future risks to valuable data. AI does not only preserve valuable data, but also helps in maintaining credibility of the company.

  • AI has changed the paradigm of customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Many software require heavy human intervention to remain accurate and updated. But when AI is applied to these platforms, the CRM self-updates, auto-corrects system and allows companies in seamless relationship management.
  • Artificial intelligence helps business to customize their consumers’ experience by monitoring their behaviours and identifying patterns, so that it can provide more relevant services or suggestions based on the user activities. This also allows business to target specific audience and boost profits.
  • Apart from helping businesses create customized experience for your customers. AI also transforms the way businesses communicate. Nowadays many companies are using AI bots as personal assistants to manage their emails, chats, calendar and to streamline processes. AI can also be programmed to answer questions for customers communicating over chat or call. This not just helps companies save valuable resources, but also be present for customer as and when required.

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