12 Job Options for the Artificial Intelligence Professionals

The machines we use for visual perception, voice recognition, translation, and decision making are powered by Artificial Intelligence; it is popularly known as AI. It makes the machines capable to perform these acts by developing algorithms. With the integration of this technology, a machine or system can imitate the human cognitive ability to some extent. Hence, it is considered the greatest invention of the 21st century. Artificial Intelligence is continuously working towards enhancing the quality of our life; it is transforming the world through its revolutionizing solutions. AI technology is associated with thousands of gadgets starting from personal assistants (like Alexa) to driverless cars. Learn Artificial Intelligence Online! It offers a plethora of job options to certified professionals. 

Learn Artificial Intelligence Online
  1. Software Engineer/Team Lead – Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  2. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer 
  3. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Lead 
  4. Delivery Manager – Artificial Intelligence/RPA/ML/Analytics/BI
  5. Professor (Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, MCA, MBA)
  6. Assistant Prof.(Artificial Intelligence & Data Sci., Physics, Maths)
  7. Associate Prof.(Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, MCA & MBA) 
  8. Artificial Intelligence Program Developer 
  9. Data Scientist: Artificial Intelligence
  10. Software Engineer – Machine Learning Artificial intelligence Engineer 
  11. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer 
  12. Python Engineer – Artificial Intelligence/Django

This is a booming and highly rewarding career field. Thousands of professionals want to make their entries into this career field, but only the certified professionals are given special attention by the recruiters. Even though this technology can copy the human cognitive ability and use it in achieving industrial success, the objective is still far from behind. It is designed to go a long way. Thus, AI is subjected to offer a lot of jobs in the field of research and development. Artificial Intelligence Online Training helps in learning how to optimize the AI to reach its maximum potential in the real world. This 18-hour-instructor-led training is ideal for professionals who are interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Deep Learning would opt for this course. This course highlights the subjects like Q-Learning Intuition, Building an AI, Building a Self-Driving Car, Playing with the AI, Teaching AI to Play Doom and Win, Fundamentals Of Reinforcement Learning, and Deep Q-Learning Intuition.

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