SAP Ariba Tutorial for Beginners

SAP Ariba, now part of the SAP Business Network, is a premier solution for B2B e-commerce, enhancing collaboration between buyers and suppliers. It streamlines procurement, from sourcing to settlement, fostering robust supply chain relationships, and enabling business expansion through efficient management of sales cycles and cash flow. As businesses access more solutions from SAP, they can further leverage Ariba’s capabilities to achieve greater supply chain visibility, agility, and resilience, facilitating deeper cooperation with various trading partners

SAP Ariba online training by Multisoft Virtual Academy is a specialized program designed to educate individuals on the functionalities and strategic procurement solutions of SAP Ariba. It covers the essentials of navigating the Ariba Network, procurement, sourcing, contract management, and supplier management, equipping learners with the necessary skills to optimize and manage procurement processes effectively in their organizations.

What is SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba, a cloud-based business network, facilitates organizations in identifying and engaging with trading partners across their supply chains. This open platform enables buyers and sellers to conduct business seamlessly. Utilizing cognitive technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, Ariba streamlines purchasing, contracting, and invoicing. These advanced technologies assist in improving supplier management, efficiently sourcing new vendors, and overseeing the entire procurement process.

What is Ariba in SAP?

Ariba in SAP is a tool that streamlines supplier selection, contract management, and payments for businesses. It aids in handling various procurement activities, including sourcing, contracting, invoicing, and spend analysis, and establishes a secure platform for exchanging information and documents with suppliers.


Ariba’s four primary functions are purchasing, payroll, sales financing, and supply chain management.

  1. Purchasing: SAP Ariba’s purchasing function streamlines the buying process by allowing businesses to automate and manage orders, connect with suppliers, and negotiate costs. It covers everything from creating purchase requisitions to receiving and paying for goods.
  2. Payrolling: This isn’t a primary function of Ariba, which focuses on procurement and supply chain solutions. Typically, payrolling refers to managing and processing employee salaries and wages, tax withholdings, and record keeping.
  3. Sales Financing: Provides tools and resources for managing financial aspects of sales, including credit management, invoice financing, and payment solutions to improve cash flow and sales cycle management.
  4. Supply Chain Management: Ariba enhances supply chain visibility and collaboration, allowing businesses to manage and optimize their supply chain operations, from sourcing materials to delivering final products, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


  • One Source of Truth: SAP Ariba serves as a central repository for all procurement-related data, ensuring consistency and reliability. It provides a unified platform where all stakeholders can access up-to-date information, reducing discrepancies and improving decision-making.
  • Faster Time-to-Value: By streamlining procurement processes, SAP Ariba accelerates the realization of benefits from investments. It enhances the efficiency of procurement operations, leading to quicker returns on investment and shorter cycles for sourcing and purchasing.
  • Supply Chain Simplicity: SAP Ariba simplifies complex supply chain operations. By integrating various supply chain processes into a single platform, it reduces complexity, making it easier to manage and coordinate various supply chain activities.
  • Real-Time Visibility: This feature offers immediate insight into procurement operations. Real-time data and analytics enable businesses to monitor processes closely, anticipate issues, and make informed decisions promptly, leading to better management and optimization of resources.
  • Facilitates Procurement: SAP Ariba makes procurement processes more efficient and user-friendly. It automates several steps, reduces manual tasks, and provides tools for better sourcing and supplier management, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the procurement function.
  • Manage Suppliers Efficiently: The platform enables effective supplier management by offering tools for supplier evaluation, performance tracking, and relationship management. It simplifies communication and collaboration with suppliers, leading to improved supplier relationships and better supply chain management.


SAP Ariba streamlines your procurement processes, making purchasing activities more efficient. Its integration with your existing corporate systems is straightforward, ensuring that all your online transactions are conducted securely. The platform also offers ease in managing multiple vendors, contributing to a smoother procurement operation. With SAP Ariba, the process of acquiring products and services is greatly simplified, providing a clear and effective pathway for your procurement needs. Furthermore, SAP Ariba enhances supplier management through its E-procurement systems, which are designed to make the purchasing process more straightforward and manageable.

How it works?

SAP Ariba certification operates as a comprehensive platform where businesses connect with trading partners, managing sourcing and procurement in one place. It streamlines spend management by integrating various functions like sourcing, purchasing, invoicing, and payments, simplifying the entire procurement process. This one-stop solution provides efficiency, visibility, and control over all aspects of procurement and spend management.

What is SAP Ariba Network?

The SAP Ariba Network is a dynamic digital marketplace where businesses can connect with new and existing trade partners. It allows for seamless transactions between buyers, sellers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, regardless of prior acquaintance. This global platform is transforming how business partnerships are formed and maintained, offering a digital means for buyers and sellers to connect and conduct business efficiently. The Ariba Network facilitates easier, more transparent, and more efficient interactions between various business entities worldwide.


SAP Ariba online training, as outlined by Multisoft Virtual Academy, offers an integrated digital solution for procurement and spend management. It simplifies and secures business transactions on a global scale, connecting companies with a vast network of suppliers and partners. With its comprehensive approach to sourcing, procurement, and spend management, SAP Ariba enhances efficiency and transparency across all levels of purchasing activities. It’s a vital tool for businesses looking to streamline operations and is an excellent focus for corporate training to maximize procurement strategies and operations.

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