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Security is increasingly critical across industries globally to protect sensitive corporate data from unauthorized access or hacking. Companies are adopting contemporary security measures and software to counteract evolving security risks and data breaches.

CyberArk certification

CyberArk Online Training stands out as a leading Privileged Access Management solution, offering extensive features to protect and administer an organization’s sensitive access credentials. This blog post aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of CyberArk, detailing its key components and advantages.

What is CyberArk?

CyberArk is a well-established security solution renowned for addressing the network security requirements of organizations effectively. It negates the necessity for additional framework resources or implementation by the organization. With CyberArk, organizations are equipped to safeguard their sensitive documents and credentials efficiently and reliably. Therefore, CyberArk training by Multisoft Virtual Academy is a comprehensive program that provides in-depth knowledge and skills for managing privileged access security to protect critical assets from cyber threats. The CyberArk certification courses cover topics like core privileged access security, CyberArk Defender, and more, targeting Vault Administrators and IT Security Professionals.

Why CyberArk?

CyberArk is designed to enhance security by managing, rotating, and monitoring access to sensitive account credentials used throughout corporate IT networks. By effectively handling the passwords of critical accounts, it helps shield organizations from potential threats posed by malware and cyber-attacks. Its robust security features make it a popular choice across various industries, including healthcare, finance, and retail, providing a strong defense against a wide array of digital threats.

Components of CyberArk

CyberArk is made up of the following components. They are as follows:

1. Digital Vault

Digital Vault is known as the most secure location on the network for storing critical information. It’s user-friendly due to its pre-configured setup.

2. Password Vault Web Access (PVWA)

Password Vault Web Access is an online application designed for managing sensitive passwords. It creates new privileged passwords and includes a dashboard for monitoring security activities and managing passwords visually.

3. Central Policy Manager

Central Policy Manager automatically updates and replaces old passwords with new ones. It performs password verification and reconciliation on remote workstations.

4. Privileged Session Manager

Privileged Session Manager uses Vault technology for managing and auditing access privileges. It provides detailed reports and video recordings of all privileged sessions by IT administrators on remote computers, ensuring secure and monitored network device access. Users can log into remote systems or access applications via a proxy server without exposing privileged account passwords.

5. Privileged Session Manager for SSH

Privileged Session Manager for SSH enhances the standard PSM features, facilitating seamless connections to UNIX systems without disrupting user workflows.

6. Privileged Session Manager for Web

Privileged Session Manager for Web safeguards access to cloud platforms and applications for administrators and privileged corporate users. It maintains the isolation and monitoring capabilities of standard PSM while adapting to modern, cloud-based environments.

7. On-Demand Privileges Manager

On-Demand Privileges Manager leverages Vault technology to control and monitor privileged access to UNIX commands. It ensures users perform super-user tasks under a least-privilege principle.

8. AD Bridge for NIX

AD Bridge for NIX integrates with Microsoft Active Directory to streamline user management on remote UNIX systems. It synchronizes AD users and groups with the Vault, providing seamless access based on AD rights.

9. Privileged Threat Analytics

Privileged Threat Analytics, part of the CyberArk PAS platform, continuously analyzes the usage of privileged credentials and monitors unmanaged accounts for suspicious activities.

10. SSH Key Manager

SSH Key Manager addresses the risks associated with privileged account authentication on target systems using SSH Keys. It ensures these keys meet stringent security and audit requirements.

11. CyberArk Vault Synchronizer

CyberArk Vault Synchronizer integrates the Digital Enterprise Password VaultĀ® with Conjur, extending CyberArk’s security features to DevOps and dynamic environments. It allows CyberArk Vault secrets to be managed alongside Conjur’s tools in various modern applications.

12. Email notifications

Email notifications are managed through the Event Notification Engine, which sends automated emails regarding actions within the Privileged Access Security solution.

13. Component Version

Component Version allows authorized users to check and verify the latest updates of all components to ensure they are using the most recent versions, including internal version numbers.


  • CyberArk’s Privileged Account Security Solution simplifies the management of credentials, eliminating the need for manual password tracking. Users only need to remember their CyberArk login, as the system automates the rest, including the generation of strong passwords.
  • The automated strong password feature of CyberArk reduces the time spent on password management. Additionally, CyberArk’s centralized management allows administrators to easily update and manage privilege rules for users, avoiding redundancy in policy updates.
  • CyberArk efficiently handles database credentials, ensuring rapid dissemination of changes across all relevant software and systems. This minimizes the likelihood of process failures and the associated financial risks that come with each password change.
  • Other advantages of CyberArk include the structured protection of all access privileges and SSH keys, controlled access to privileged accounts, enforcement and tracking of confidential sessions, management of widget and service login credentials, and bolstered compliance with audit and regulatory demands through seamless integration with existing enterprise systems.


In this blog post, we thoroughly explored the key elements of CyberArk. Yet, for those aiming to excel as experts in data risk management and security-related concerns, CyberArk remains the critical instrument for organizations. Multisoft Virtual Academy’s CyberArk online training and certification course offers a robust curriculum aimed at enhancing the skills of IT Security Professionals and Vault Administrators in privileged access security. The program delivers foundational to advanced knowledge, crucial for protecting against cyber threats.

This program, including corporate training options, is ideal for individuals seeking to advance their cybersecurity expertise and organizations aiming to bolster their security infrastructure.

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