Tap the best with dynamic features of Microsoft AX Financial Management

The current global marketplace has become more interconnected in terms of geography and technology. Managing financial operations become important task both for a small enterprise to the global conglomerates as it has a direct overbearing on the health of the company. Aggregating company financials from more than one subsidiary, particularly when there are diverse currencies involved, becomes a major challenge especially when there is absence of a powerful financial reporting and consolidations solution.  Since the importance of data can’t be overridden and with the increment in its generation from all the directions, it’s role for corporate decision-making and planning has also increased. Consequently, business leaders are seeking an easy-to-use tool for the regular responsibility of consolidating data into a unified set of financial statements. Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial Management helps in managing financial operations effectively providing a comprehensive view of all the financial transactions as well providing flexible processes to match their diverse business needs.

Improve the efficiency of your Financial Transactions

Providing a true comprehensive solution for tracking all the financial data of the organization, Microsoft AX Financials has been offering stupendous business solutions to the companies globally. There are numerous benefits to using this system. Primarily, the architecture is multi layered which helps in producing customized solution for the organizations which is quite adaptable and quite user-friendly at the same time. Apart from its robust and dynamic architecture, it also allows seamless transfer of information from all of other Microsoft programs like Word, Excel or Outlook. Collaboration both internal and external becomes quite easy as the information sharing across different departments is considerably enhanced.

Transcend the barriers of geographical constraints

The system holds multifarious benefits for global conglomerate as it offers customized varied range of offerings in platter. The multi-language and multi-currency feature of the Dynamics AX financials help the global conglomerates to bring together and reconciling operational and transactional information into a singular set of financial reports for a parent company. Microsoft Dynamics AX now meets regulatory requirements for 36 countries. Microsoft Dynamics AX does not provide exuberant dynamic solutions to the global companies but it also works equally well with companies that have singular location.

Apart from the listed benefits the reasons that companies are now turning to Microsoft Dynamics AX is that it has a shorter implementation due to the familiar nature of Microsoft products with an average implementation time of 13 months which is several months shorter than its competitors. The system makes the integration of data a child’s play and offers rapid changes in the data.  According to a survey by Panorama Consulting Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics AX had the shortest implementation time in comparison to its competitors like Oracle and SAP.

Growth Prospects

If you browse the job portals, you will find that the professionals with Microsoft Dynamics skills are quite in demand. The role can include managing Project Teams working with companies to implement financial principles in their operations.  The ideal candidates are required to use their knowledge and experience of implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX Lean Enterprise software.  The role can or cannot entail training users and other consultants in the area of financial principles and software.  Assisting in the integration of hardware, software and client requirements by translating business needs into Microsoft Business Solutions modules is core to the role of a professional in the domain.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial Management

Professionals with a certification in Microsoft Dynamics would find it quite easier to tap the right opportunities available. Apart from validating the skills, the certification also enhances the job prospects for the candidates. Professionals who want to foray in the world of dynamics can consider upgrading their knowledge quotient with required technical training. Multisoft Virtual Academy is offering 28 hours live Instructor-led MS Dynamics AX 2012 Financials Online Training to the interested candidates. The training serves the dual purpose for the learners as it develops the technical quotient and prepares for the certification exam at the same time with its interactive and certification based learning pedagogy. Join the bandwagon with MS Dynamics AX 2012 Financials Online Training, a vetted training solution from the pioneer and accelerate your career prospects.

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