Extending Dynamics CRM – A tool for providing best customer solutions

An expansion in services has increased the number of customers and providing services to them for attaining their satisfaction has become a critical matter for every organization. A positive response from customers gives a motivation factor to the organizations and aids them to pace up toward success path.


Keeping the customers happy is an important task and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the tool that helps in accomplishment of this task. Happy Customers are an asset for every business as they increase the possibilities of profit and help a business to establish as a brand.


Customer Relationship Management plays a vital role in maintaining and creating a bonding with the customers to build a paramount between customers and the organizations; thus, acting as an inspiration for both. CRM tracks and analyzes every interaction with the customers that helps to meet their end requirements. It also identifies substantial needs of customers so that organizations can improve in terms of deliverables. It works on few strategies, technologies, and practices that identify the customer lifecycle and ultimately increases the sales and marketing efficiency.

Benefits of using CRM in an Organization:

>> Helps to reduce costs and increase profitability

>> Automate and Organize business processes

>> Helps to nurture customer relationships and provide satisfactory services as end product

Microsoft® Dynamics CRM:

Microsoft® Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship software suite by Microsoft®. The software services focus on sectors namely Sales, Marketing, and Help Desk (call center) services.

Uses of Microsoft® Dynamics CRM:

Maintaining Sales Data

The outstanding features of Dynamics CRM provide sales process management tools to meet need of sales team that handles client requirement. CRM also makes interaction with clients an easier task.

Handling Marketing Data

Dynamics CRM aids in effective implementation of marketing campaigns. The campaign related updates can be recorded automatically or manually in the software which can later help the sales team to generate leads.

Help Desk Services

Dynamics CRM avails the facility of case management that acts as a flexible framework while handling customer queries, requests, and complaints.

Extending Dynamics CRM:

Microsoft® Dynamics CRM is not only a sales or marketing tool; rather, it assists in handling other business aspects as well. An organization can customize the tool as per the needs. CRM services can be deployed in following fields using Extending Dynamics CRM:

>> Membership organizations

>> IT support desk management

>> Process control in the oil and gas industry

>> Consumer Issue management

>> Business request matching

>> Event management

>> Charity pledge management

Extending Dynamics CRM software has a wide scope and a bright future for the learners. The ones who have the urge to know more about it can opt for a formal training to get a deep understanding of this software.

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