Why you should enrol for SAP IBP Training Course from Multisoft Virtual Academy?

Along with SAP practitioners migrating from SAP APO to SAP IBP, SAP IBP Online Training Course is ideal for business owners, IT professionals and freshers willing to learn SAP IBP. But the most commonly asked question is what makes learning SAP IBP so beneficial for learners across the world? Here are some reasons how learning SAP IBP Online Training Course from Multisoft Virtual Academy will help you in your career.

SAP IBP Online Training
SAP IBP Online Training

You get to learn one of the most in-demand modules of SAP – SAP IBP Online Training

For those, who are less aware, SAP is one of the top market leaders equipping ERP solutions and services for businesses, which is one of the main reasons why SAP IBP is so in-demand in the market.

Secondly IBP, which stands for Integrated Business Planning, enables businesses establish a robust business foundation. It is a cloud-based solution that helps companies forecast sales and revenues, plan their inventories in order to maximize profits and service fill rates, anticipate and address any supply chain bottlenecks, identify potential alternatives, all with the use of a simple and efficient user interface.

Easy to Adopt- SAP IBP Online Training

SAP IBP users can implement IBP capabilities using preconfigured process templates, while availing unified, intuitive user experience with SAP Fiori and planning and simulation capabilities based on Microsoft Excel. Businesses owners can optimize resource efficiency by creating supply plans based on prioritized demands, allocations, and supply chain constraints.

All-in-One business solution- SAP IBP Online Training

SAP IBP features several modules: Supply Chain Control Tower, SAP IBP for Sales and Operations, SAP IBP for Demand, SAP IBP for Inventory, SAP IBP for Response and Supply, and SAP IBP for Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP).Each module caters to a specific supply chain business planning process. Based on each customer’s requirements and needs, the modules can be applied independently, one at a time, or in combination. In short learning, SAP IBP will help you all the main avenues of businesses seamlessly and with more efficiency. 

Develop in-demand skills with SAP IBP Online Training

SAP IBP Online Training course from Multisoft Virtual Academy imparts knowledge on SAP IBP platform, applications, configuration, and integration capabilities. With the knowledge of SAP IBP, professionals will be able to manage business process in real-time and fulfil customers demands. This course comprises of 14 modules, including topics such as SAP Integrated Business Planning; User Interface; Configuration; Model Activation; Cloud Security; Data Integration; User Administration; Microsoft Excel Planning and Reporting; Analytics and Reporting; Disaggregation; Active Object Deletion; Supply Review and more.

Benefits of SAP IBP Online Training

  • Develop skills for desired SAP IBP Jobs
  • Gain competitive edge with Multisoft’s globally recognized training certificate, among peers who do not possess SAP IBP skills
  • Become a valuable asset of an organization as an IBP expert
  • Describe all functionalities of IBP Solution in a complete business Scenario
  • Improve your professional network

Enrol for SAP IBP Online Training from Multisoft Virtual Academy

Multisoft Virtual Academy has been in training industry for more than 2 decades and backed by a team of global subject matter experts from around the world. When you enroll for SAP IBP Corporate Training Course from Multisoft, you get the opportunity to learn from experienced industry experts and gain skills with hands-on experience from real-life projects and assignments. All the courses offered by Multisoft come with perks like lifetime access to e-learning material, recorded training session videos and after training support.

The courses are delivered in live instructor led, one-on-one and corporate training sessions, where after successful completion of the SAP IBP Online Training Course, aspirants receive a globally recognized training certificate to validate and showcase their learning and skills to employers across the world. What’s more? Multisoft after training support assists you to connect with potential employers and lucrative job opportunities in related areas, so that you can step up the career ladder without delay.


SAP IBP Online Training course from Multisoft Virtual Academy teaches participants about fundamentals of SAP IBP, while introducing them with IBP platform and its capabilities. This course also teaches students how to use the platform to realize business demands. Enrol with Multisoft Virtual Academy and develop skills in one of the most popular modules of SAP. 

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