Common Process Engineering Jobs & Careers – Process Engineering Online Training

When you are preparing for your career as a process engineer, choosing Process Engineering Online Training from Multisoft Virtual Academy is a smart choice. You know what else is smart? Knowing what avenues this training program opens for you. Want to learn which job roles falls under process engineering domain, based on different areas of expertise? Here is a list of a few of the common process engineering jobs & careers.

Process Engineering Training
Process Engineering Training

Common process engineering jobs – Process Engineering Online Training

Process engineering has many specialisations that focus on different areas of expertise. Some of the most common process engineering jobs and key roles are:

  • Process Engineer – Most engineers begin in a baseline process engineer position, where common responsibilities can vary widely depending on the company, industry, and particular role expected of them.
  • Senior Process Engineer – Senior process engineers are typically either experts in a particular field of expertise – like chemical processing – or are more management-focused, leading teams of other process engineers in larger companies.
  • Process Production Engineer – Process production engineers focused particularly on streamlining and improving existing manufacturing processes, in order to save companies money on manufacturing costs.
  • Project & Process Engineer – Project & process engineers are usually responsible for the leadership of a particular group of engineers on a large-scale project, They combine the responsibilities of a project engineer/manager with the expertise of a process engineer.
  • Lean Engineer – Lean engineers focus on using the well-known “Lean Manufacturing Methodology” to reduce waste and improve manufacturing processes.
  • Process Automation Engineer – Process automation engineers often have a computer science background, as they are responsible for developing complex automation programs and systems for manufacturing processes.
  • Continuous Improvement Engineer – Continuous improvement engineers focus primarily on improving existing manufacturing processes, with a focus on minimising waste and maximising production capabilities.

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