Commonly Asked CBAP Certification Exam Questions

Have you finished you CBAP Certification training course from Multisoft Virtual Academy and planning to apply for CBAP Certification exam? If yes, this blog is just for you, as it consist a list of commonly asked CBAP certification exam questions and answers.

Most Commonly Asked Questions – CBAP Certification exam

  1. What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis refers to all the activities and tasks performed to identify business challenges and demands; and finding and designing appropriate solution to meet those demands. In order to perform all these activities, a business analyst should be able to understand and explain the business ecosystem and gather data and convert them into valuables insights. 

  • Define a flowchart.

Flowcharts represent the entire process performed by a system using symbols and diagrams. It shows what information are required in a process, where to feed the information, how information flows from one point to another to accomplish a purpose. The flowchart makes a system understandable to stakeholders and developers.

  • What is SDLC?

The acronym SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle, it is also referred to as the Application Development Life Cycle or the System Development Life Cycle. The process of planning, creating, testing, and deploying an information system is known as the information system development.

  • What is SDD?

SDD is an abbreviation for System Design Document. It is a step in the middle that separates business users from developers.

  • What exactly is a use case diagram?

A use case diagram is a type of tool. It is use to describe the whole business environment. It depicts a series of related events or acts carried out by a single actor.

  • What is UML modeling?

UML is an acronym for Unified Modeling Language. It is an industry standard for visualizing, documenting, and building the many components of a system.

  • Can you tell me about the exceptions?

Exceptions in an application are unaccepted inputs, conditions, or results.

  • What are the most important tools for a business analyst?

A typical business analyst’s toolkit includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project.

  • What exactly is INVEST?

INVEST is an acronym that stands for Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Appropriately Sized, and Testable. It is use to assist project managers and technical teams in delivering high-quality goods and services.

  1. What exactly are OLTP Systems?

On-Line Transaction Processing is abbreviated as OLTP. Such systems can perform database transactions and are design to give great database transaction speed. These systems are mostly use for data entry and retrieval from databases.

  1. Define the Pugh Matrix?

A standard component of the Six Sigma methodology, Plug Matrix is often referred to as a problem or design matrix. It is also used to determine the best and alternate solutions.

  1. What documents are there to document non-functional requirements?
  2. SDD – System Design Document
  3. FRD – Functional Requirement Document
  1. What is UML modeling?

Unified Modeling Language (UML) is an acronym for “Unified Modeling Language.” It is a widely used industry standard for documenting, constructing, and visualizing various system components. Job functions, organizational functions, and business processes are all described using this term. The class diagram, state diagrams, and use cases are all important UML diagrams that BAs use.

  1. Define Pareto Analysis.

Pareto Analysis, sometimes known as the 80/20 rule, is a decision-making technique. It is an effective method for fault resolution and quality control. This analysis rule states that in a system, 20% of the causes produce 80% of the consequences, hence the name “80/20 rule.”

  1. What is the distinction between exception and alternate flow?

Alternate flow refers to actions that can be performed in addition to the primary flow and can be thought of as an optional flow. The path taken in the event of an exception or error is referred to as the exception flow.

  1. What is Kano analysis?

Kano Analysis is use to examine a system’s needs in order to determine its impact on customer satisfaction.

  1. Define benchmarking.

The process of measuring an organization’s ability to compete in its industry is called benchmarking. A company’s policies, performance, rules, and other measures may be measure during this procedure.

  1. What are the many sorts of gaps that a business analyst may face while conducting gap analysis?

There are four primary sorts of gaps —

  • The discrepancy between expected and actual performance is referred to as the performance gap.
  • Product/Market Gap – The difference between budget and actual sales is the product/market gap.
  • Profit Gap – The difference between a company’s targeted and actual profit.
  • Manpower Gap — The difference between the needed quantity and quality of workers and the organization’s actual strength.

2.How do you go about gathering requirements?

The requirement gathering process is typically broken into several parts that are independent of the SDLC cycle. Each step entails:

  • Specific tasks to perform
  • Principles to follow
  • Documents to produce
  • Define Business Model Analysis.

Firm Model Analysis is a technique for determining whether a business is viable and valuable from a social, economic, and another standpoint. An organization’s business model analysis serves as the foundation for any essential business model reform and innovation.

  • Define process design.

Process design is a technique for aiding a company in assessing business problems and selecting a suitable solution. Workflows create through process design in order to produce the best potential outcome in the shortest time feasible.

  • What is Activity Diagram?

As the name implies, an activity diagram is all about system activities. An activity diagram’s main purpose is to illustrate a variety of events that occur within an organization’s many departments.

  • Explain the meaning of the word “Application Usability.”

Application usability is the system attribute that makes the system usable to its end users. The usability of a system is good if it can achieve the aims of the users.

  • Define Personas.

They are employed instead of real users to help developers and technical teams judge user behavior in various settings. Personas are societal roles that can be played by any actor or character. It comes from a Latin word that means “character.” It denotes a collection of customers/end users in marketing jargon.

  • Explain the Use Case Model.

A use case model represents a sequence of events and activities associated with any process performed by an actor.

  • What is database transaction?

A database transaction occurs when we execute any operation in a database, such as addition, deletion, modification, searching, and so on.

  • Define extends.

Extends are a relationship shown by a dotted line. It is typically use to describe optional action that has no independent meaning. Help on “Sign on” is an example of how to enhance the use case “Sign-on.”

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