Creating Customized Training Schedule with Online Schedule Builder

Traditional Concept of Correspondence

Professionals who go to work find it difficult to do further studies or study for certification exam due to hectic work schedule or unavailability of a proper guidance. In order for the working professionals to carry out further studies, the concept of correspondence course was introduced which allowed them to learn from the study materials sent to them like books and recorded videos.


Online Medium

Though correspondence course was helpful for some, not many found it 100% beneficial owing to the reason that from books and videos not every concept was clear. Hence, aspirants wouldn’t get comprehensive understanding of the subject. Post this, after some years, internet became a big hit, and in recent years online learning has become a trend.

Online Schedule Builder

With internet becoming popular and accessible to many people across the globe, institutes came out with the idea of rendering better education through Learning Management System (LMS), which has been further aggravated with introduction of a new and innovative feature called “Online Schedule Builder”. To elaborate, Online Schedule Builder allows professionals to plan and define their own training sessions to prepare for certification exam or further studies.

Distinguishing Features of Online Schedule Builder

Online Schedule Builder (which can also be termed as “Make your own schedule” feature) suits working professional’s busy schedule and allows them to choose training sessions as per their time availability. Listed below are some advantages of online schedule builder:

  1. Course selection and registration can be done online
  2. Calendar is offered to the candidates to select month and days for the training program
  3. Professionals can develop customized training schedule with a few simple steps
  4. A feature based on schedule type allows professionals to select training program on either weekdays or weekend.
  5. Candidates can opt for days and timing in a week for training program based on their convenience
  6. Aspirants can select course duration (total hours for training session) and duration of each training program session (number of hours)
  7. Aspirants can access study materials from any place, across any device.

Summing up, online schedule builder allows professionals to select a training program and study as per their time availability. Above all, it does not interfere with their work schedules and act as a useful medium for them to complete their further studies or study for a certification exam.

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