PingDirectory Administration – What you need to know?

More than half of Fortune 100 rely on Ping Identity, and use its new-age software and services to deal with identity and access management issues and deliver seamless digital experience to employees and customers. This is one of the key reasons, why Pingdirectory Administration Online Training course is in such demand and why students and professionals want to master Pingdirectory tools and functionalities.

Ping Directory Administration Training

But, what makes Ping Directory a crucial tool for any organization?

Be it managing partner identities, employees or customers, every organization needs directory solution that is tailored for their profile and identity data. It should be scalable and able to secure sensitive identity data from leak or breach, enabling easy access to user data when required. Also, it should be able to store millions of users. Not many data storage server offer these functionalities, but Ping Directory does.

PingDirectory server is a high-performance advanced directory service that securely stores and manages profile and identity data at scale. It supports unstructured data enabling enterprises to manage millions of entries at high performance by building a unified profile from different data sources. PingDirectory powerful feature set also supports diverse access requirements and seamless integration across various applications.

To sum up, Ping Directory Server centralizes user identity management and consumer information, application configurations, user credentials and subscriber data management into virtualized data environment. It is based on standardized solution that offers seamless data management across distributed system meeting the changing performance demands. It also reduces cost, simplifies administration and secures data in systems that scales for large quantity of users.

What are the special features of Ping Directory?

Developed on Java, PingDirectory Server is designed for large-scale applications. In addition to server specific extended operations and controls, Ping Directory fully supports LDAPv3 () protocol, thus supporting the RFCs (Request For Comments) specified in the protocol.

It ensures high availability by storing data in multiple disk partitions and machines for fast replication. It also supports replication in entry balancing proxy server deployments ensuring high availability for networked topology.

Offering an administrative console, set of command-line tools and java based set up tools and features to configure; manage and monitor server activities and processes; the task-based subsystem of Ping Directory enables automated scheduling of functions and troubleshooting. The directory server comes equipped with Self-Service Account Manager Application that allows users to perform all user related tasks, such as account registration, password change, etc. This Java based web application can be utilized by business users to manage identities stored in Directory Server.

Apart from these features, Ping Directory comes packed with advanced security mechanisms, Ping DataMetrics for monitoring entries, SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) Extension, and Server SDK.

Why should I take Ping Identity Training and Certifications course?

Availing Ping Identity Training and Certifications course will not just offer you in-depth knowledge on all the functionalities and capabilities of Ping Directory Server, but also prepare you for the certification exam making you eligible for lucrative future job prospects.

If you are looking for such course, consider visiting Multisoft Virtual Academy. Our courses are carefully curate by highly experienced industry experts, who have years of expertise under their belt. You will be taught and trained in a step-by-step module and practical tests, taking you through all the topics in detail. 

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