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Build reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructures with Salt

Learning Salt

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Build reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructures with Salt

  • Video Duration:07 Hours
  • Cost: $ 124.99

Course Details

SaltStack automates the management and configuration of any infrastructure or application at scale. It provides an arsenal of tools to execute commands across thousands of systems with ease.

Learning Saltstack will start from scratch and build towards a high-level goal of installing, configuring, deploying, and managing a web application to Docker containers across multiple systems behind a HAProxy load balancer. The course will start by explaining how Salt approaches System management and help the viewer get up and running with a working Salt infrastructure. You will learn how to use Salt to target, query, and change systems.

You will learn to define the desired state of your infrastrucrture and how you can use Salt to enforce the state with a single command. The course will dive deeper into YAML and Jinja and show you the best practices for writing reusable and maintainable states. Finally, you will learn about some of the additional tools that salt provides, including salt-cloud, the reactor, and the event system.

By the end of the course, you would be able to build and manage your infrastructure and fully utilize its potential.

Who all can attend

This course targets IT professionals, system admins, and DevOps teams looking to effectively deploy and manage their infrastructure with Salt. Some exposure to IT automation and configuration management tasks would be useful but not necessary

What you will learn from this course

  • How to Install and configure Salt.
  • How Salt communicates between machines.
  • The difference and distinction between the various Salt module types.
  • How and why to use execution modules.
  • Understand Salt's state system.
  • Write and manage complex states.
  • Run complex state trees that span multiple systems.
  • Use and react to real-time events across an infrastructure.
  • Integrate Salt with other tools, both internal and external.

Course Content

  1. Installation and Setup
    • The Course Overview
    • The Philosophy of Salt
    • How Salt Communicates?
    • Installing Salt
    • Configuring Salt
    • Key Acceptance and Encryption

  2. Execution Modules
    • Targeting Minions
    • Execution Module Basics
    • Common Execution Modules
    • Call from Master or Minions

  3. The State of an Infrastructure
    • The Philosophy of Salt's State System
    • Our First State
    • Dissect State Functions
    • Execution Flow of a State Run
    • Debugging States

  4. Expanding States with Jinja and Pillar
    • Introduction to YAML, Jinja, and Other Renderers
    • How to Write Reusable States?
    • How to Write Maintainable States?
    • YAML and Jinja Best Practices and Gotchas
    • Configuring States Using Pillar
    • Learning Salt Formulas
    • Debugging Jinja

  5. Complex State Trees
    • Glue SLS Files Together
    • Defining, Enforcing, and Debugging Execution Orders
    • Conditional and Branching Logic During a State Run
    • Debugging a State Run
    • Sharing Data between Systems with Salt Mine
    • Using Salt Orchestrate to Manage Complex State Runs

  6. Events and the Reactor
    • An Overview of Salt's Event Bus
    • Sending Custom Events
    • Listening to Events and Trigger Actions with Salt's Reactor
    • Integrating Salt with External Tools Using Events
    • Sending Events Using Beacon Modules
    • How to Debug the Reactor and Best Practices?

  7. The Salt REST API
    • Installing and Configuring Salt-API
    • Exploring rest_cherrypy
    • More rest_cherrypy Features
    • Using Salt-API to Integrate with External Systems
    • Wrapping Up and Further Scope

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