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SmartPlant Instrumentation/Intools (SPI) Training Certification Course Online

Learn how to efficiently utilize Smartplant instrumentation to perform tasks related to EPC projects with SmartPlant Instrumentation/Intools SPI online training course from Multisoft Virtual Academy. Learn from a team of global subject matter experts and earn a globally recognized training certificate.

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Instructor-led Training Live Online Classes

20 Jul 2024 24 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun
27 Jul 2024 24 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun
03 Aug 2024 24 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun
10 Aug 2024 24 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun

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$ 600

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$ 600

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Course Highlights

  • Duration: 24 Hrs
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • After Training Support
  • Lifetime E-Learning Access
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Free Online Assessments
SmartPlant Instrumentation Intools (SPI) Training Course Syllabus

Curriculum Designed by Experts


SmartPlant Instrumentation is a product introduced by Intergraph. It was formerly known as the INtools. The software acts as a single instrumentation source that is used in the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Projects. It helps in accessing and updating the instruments used for different tasks and ensures that the consistency is maintained in the project.

Multisoft Virtual Academy avails the SmartPlant Instrumentation/INtools online training course that focuses on providing the understanding about the System and Project Overview, processing of data, making the loop diagrams to know the processes. Also, the SmartPlant Instrumentation/INtools online training program, focusing on the latest course curriculum, is imparted by the expert trainers, providing knowledge of the following concepts:

  • Calculations
  • Foundation Fieldbus
  • External Spec Editor
  • Hookups
  • Specifications

The candidates can also gain expertise in CAD/CAM domain by joining other online training program, including Piping, Design and Drafting, and AutoCAD 2D&3D.

SmartPlant Instrumentation/INtools (SPI) training course is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively use the SPI software for instrument design and engineering tasks in various industries, such as oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation.

  • Overview of SmartPlant Instrumentation/INtools software
  • Key features and benefits
  • User interface and navigation

  • Creating and managing instrument index
  • Entering and editing instrument data
  • Importing and exporting instrument data

  • Creating and customizing specification sheets
  • Specifying instrument data, including tag numbers, types, and ratings
  • Generating instrument datasheets

  • Creating loop diagrams
  • Placing and connecting instruments
  • Managing instrument loops and interconnections

  • Creating wiring and termination diagrams
  • Defining wiring details and connections
  • Generating reports and drawings

  • Managing instrument calibration data
  • Tracking and scheduling instrument maintenance
  • Generating calibration and maintenance reports

  • Performing design verification checks
  • Identifying and resolving design errors or inconsistencies
  • Reviewing and approving design changes

  • Integration with other engineering software, such as piping and electrical systems
  • Data exchange and interoperability with other tools and platforms

  • Collaborating with team members in a multi-user environment
  • Managing project documentation and revisions
  • Generating project reports and documentation packages

  • Advanced customization and configuration of SPI
  • Troubleshooting common issues and errors
  • Best practices for efficient instrument design

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SmartPlant Instrumentation Intools (SPI) Training Description

The objective of a SmartPlant Instrumentation/INtools (SPI) training course is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively use the SPI software for instrument design and engineering tasks in various industries, such as oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation.

The course aims to cover the following key objectives:

  • Introduction to SPI: Familiarize participants with the SPI software, its features, and its role in instrument design and engineering processes.
  • Project Setup: Teach participants how to set up a new project in SPI, including defining project properties, units, and specifications.
  • Instrument Index: Cover the creation and management of an instrument index, which includes details of all instruments used in the project.
  • Instrument Specification: Explain how to define and customize instrument specifications, including various parameters, such as tag numbers, measurement types, and ratings.
  • Instrument Data Sheets: Guide participants in creating instrument data sheets that contain detailed information about each instrument, including specifications, wiring details, and installation requirements.
  • Instrument Loop Diagrams: Demonstrate the process of generating instrument loop diagrams, which illustrate the interconnections between instruments, panels, and control systems.
  • Wiring and Interconnection: Explain how to design instrument wiring

  • Instrumentation and Control Engineers
  • Instrumentation Designers
  • Project Managers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Plant Operators
  • Control System Engineers
  • Automation Engineers

  • Basic industry knowledge in instrumentation
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Instrumentation Engineering or Diploma in Instrumentation Engineering with relevant work experience
  • Familiarity with Windows applications

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SmartPlant Instrumentation Intools (SPI) Training Certification

Multisoft Virtual Academy provides a globally recognized training certificate to the participants, after successful completion of a training program. The training certificates are recognized and accepted across the world.

Multisoft Virtual Academy's training certificate comes with lifetime validity.

Aspirants can directly enroll for the desired course from the Book Now Button in the course page. You can also connect on Whatsapp at +91 8130666206 to talk with a training advisor. Multisoft Virtual Academy also offers customized training programs on a wide range of domains and skills.

All training programs offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy are delivered by certified industry experts, who have years of experience in the relevant domains. Multisoft Global Subject Matter Experts impart knowledge on a wide variety of training courses through one –on-one and corporate training sessions.

Multisoft Virtual Academy training certification can help participants stand out in the competitive job market. Since the training certificates are internationally accepted, participants can showcase their skills and knowledge to employers across the world.

SmartPlant Instrumentation Intools (SPI) Corporate Training Certification

Interactive Virtual Training

Interactive Virtual Training

  • Global Subject Matter Experts
  • Step-by –Step Learning Approach
  • Instant Doubt Clearing
Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

  • Lifetime E-learning Access
  • Recorded Training Session Videos
  • Free Access to Practice Tests
24x7 Assistance

24x7 Assistance

  • Help Desk Support
  • Doubt Resolution in Real-time
  • After Training Support
Hands on Experience

Hands on Experience

  • Project Based Learning
  • Learning based on real-life examples
  • Assignments and Practice Tests
Globally Recognized Training Certificate

Globally Recognized Certificate

  • Multisoft Training Certificate
  • Globally Recognized and Accepted
  • Lifetime Validity

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SmartPlant Instrumentation Intools (SPI) Training FAQ's

SmartPlant Instrumentation/INtools (SPI) is a comprehensive software solution for the design, engineering, and maintenance of instrumentation and control systems in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, power, and manufacturing. It helps in streamlining the entire lifecycle of instrument and control system projects, from initial design to installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

SPI training courses are designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively use the SmartPlant Instrumentation/INtools software. The courses cover various aspects of SPI, including instrument and control system design, data management, project collaboration, and reporting. The training helps professionals become proficient in using the software to improve efficiency and accuracy in their work.

SPI training courses are typically attended by professionals working in the fields of instrumentation engineering, control systems engineering, project engineering, and plant maintenance. Individuals involved in the design, procurement, installation, and maintenance of instrumentation and control systems can benefit from SPI training.

The prerequisites for SPI training courses may vary depending on the training provider and the specific course being offered. However, it is generally recommended to have a basic understanding of instrumentation and control systems concepts, as well as familiarity with engineering design processes. Some courses may require prior experience with engineering software tools or CAD systems.

SPI training courses cover a wide range of topics related to instrument and control system design and management using the SmartPlant Instrumentation/INtools software. Common topics include database setup and administration, instrument index and data sheet development, loop and wiring design, instrument sizing and selection, instrument hook-up drawings, project collaboration and reporting, and customization of SPI software.

The duration of SPI training courses can vary depending on the training provider and the level of the course. Introductory courses may be as short as a few days, while more advanced or comprehensive courses can span several weeks or even months. Some training providers may also offer customized or on-demand training programs tailored to specific client requirements.

Yes, many SPI training courses are available online, allowing participants to learn at their own pace and convenience. Online courses often include video tutorials, interactive modules, practical exercises, and assessments to ensure effective learning. However, it's important to check with training providers to determine the availability of online options and the specific delivery format.

Is there a certification provided after completing SPI training courses? A: Some SPI training courses may offer certifications upon successful completion. These certifications can serve as evidence of your proficiency in using the SmartPlant Instrumentation/INtools software and may enhance your professional credentials. However, the availability of certifications and their recognition may vary depending on the training provider. It is advisable to inquire about certification options before enrolling in a course.

Yes, some training providers offer customized SPI training courses that cater to specific industry requirements. These courses can focus on particular industries such as oil and gas, chemical, power, or manufacturing, and address specific challenges or standards relevant to those industries. Customization may involve tailoring course content, examples, and exercises to align with the participants' industry needs.

You can find SPI training courses by conducting an online search for "SmartPlant Instrumentation/INtools training" or "SPI training." Several training providers offer these courses, including software vendors, engineering consultancies, and specialized training institutes. Additionally, you can check with industry associations, professional networks, or local engineering organizations for recommendations on reputable training providers.

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