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STAAD.Pro V8i Training Certification Course Online

STAAD.Pro® v8i, the latest version, allows process engineering individuals to analyze structural designs in terms of factors like force, load, displacements etc. Multisoft Virtual Academy STAAD.Pro® v8i online training builds expertise in using the software at a professional level in domains, including construction companies, government agencies, architecture firms etc.

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Online Self Learning Courses are designed for self-directed training, allowing participants to begin at their convenience with structured training and review exercises to reinforce learning. You’ll learn through videos, PPTs and complete assignments, projects and other activities designed to enhance learning outcomes, all at times that are most convenient to you.

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Instructor-led Training Live Online Classes

02 Mar 2024 18 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun
09 Mar 2024 18 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun

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$ 310

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Online Self Learning Courses are designed for self-directed training, allowing participants to begin at their convenience with structured training and review exercises to reinforce learning. You’ll learn through videos, PPTs and complete assignments, projects and other activities designed to enhance learning outcomes, all at times that are most convenient to you.

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$ 310

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Instructor-Led Online Training Parameters

Course Highlights

  • Duration: 18 Hrs.
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • After Training Support
  • Lifetime e-Learning Access
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Free Online Assessments
STAAD Pro V8i Online Training Course Syllabus

Curriculum Designed by Experts


STAAD.Pro® is one of the most widely-used software for developing and analyzing the designs of various structures, such as petrochemical plants, tunnels, bridges etc. STAAD.Pro® v8i, the latest version, allows civil engineering individuals to analyze structural designs in terms of factors like force, load, displacements etc. Multisoft Virtual Academy STAAD.Pro® v8i online training builds expertise in using the software at a professional level in domains, including construction companies, government agencies, architecture firms etc.

Participants are equipped with various software functionalities like model generation and editing; loading analysis; concrete designing etc. The STAAD.Pro® v8i software training also offers proficiency in using the seismology; report generation; and steel and foundation design features.

After completing the STAAD.Pro® v8i training, individuals can work as Structure Designers, Project Managers, Building Analysts, Quality Analysts, Bridge Designers etc.

STAAD.Pro V8i, developed by Bentley Systems, is a popular structural analysis and design software application. Many professionals and students seek training in STAAD.Pro to enhance their understanding and skills in the field of civil and structural engineering.

  • Overview of STAAD.Pro features and capabilities
  • User Interface and Navigation
  • Basic Concepts and Terminology

  • Setting up the Environment
  • Defining the Units
  • Geometry Creation Tools and Techniques

  • Beam and Column Modeling
  • Plate and Solid Elements
  • Creating Nodes and Elements

  • Defining Materials (Concrete, Steel, etc.)
  • Inputting Section Properties
  • Built-in Material and Section Databases

  • Different Types of Loads (Point, UDL, Moments, etc.)
  • Load Combinations

  • Fixities and Releases
  • Different Types of Supports

  • Linear and Non-linear Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis (Modal, Response Spectrum, Time History, etc.)

  • Reinforced Concrete Design as per various codes
  • Steel Design as per various codes

  • Reading and Interpreting Output Files
  • Viewing Bending Moment Diagrams, Shear Force Diagrams, etc.
  • Checking Design Results and Optimizing

  • Finite Element Analysis in STAAD
  • Buckling Analysis
  • Seismic and Wind Load Generation

  • Integration with other software
  • Import and Export Features

  • Customized Reports
  • Presentation Features

  • Depending on the training, this could be a capstone project where participants apply what they've learned to a real-world-like problem

  • A written or practical test to validate the skills learned.

  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Efficiency tips for using STAAD.Pro

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STAAD Pro V8i Online Training Description

STAAD.Pro V8i is a structural analysis and design software widely used by civil and structural engineers. A training certification course for STAAD.Pro V8i aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to efficiently use the software for structural engineering tasks.

Here's a general overview of the objectives of a STAAD.Pro V8i training certification course:

  • Introduction to STAAD.Pro V8i: Understand the purpose, importance, and capabilities of STAAD.Pro within the structural engineering domain.
  • Familiarity with the User Interface: Navigate the software's GUI, recognize toolbars, menu options, and command sequences.
  • Creating New Projects: Learn to initiate and set up new projects, inputting design parameters, material specifications, and more.
  • Model Generation: Understand how to create and modify geometry using various tools, including nodes, beams, plates, and solid elements.
  • Applying Loads: Learn to apply various types of loads (like point loads, distributed loads, load combinations) and understand their effects on structures.
  • Material and Section Properties: Define and assign material properties and cross-sectional details to structural members.
  • Analysis Methods: Understand different types of analysis, such as linear static, dynamic

  • B Tech. Students
  • Diploma Students
  • Analysts
  • Structure Engineers
  • Project Engineers

STAAD.Pro V8i is a popular structural analysis and design software developed by Bentley Systems. If you're interested in attending a STAAD.Pro V8i training certification course, the prerequisites can vary depending on the institution or organization offering the course. However, generally, the following prerequisites and recommendations can be expected:

  • Basic Understanding of Structural Engineering: A foundational knowledge of structural engineering principles is beneficial, as STAAD.Pro is a tool for analyzing and designing structures. This includes understanding concepts like loads, supports, stress, strain, bending moments, etc.
  • Familiarity with Design Codes: STAAD.Pro supports various international design codes. While the software will automate many calculations, having an understanding of the design codes you'll be working with will help you use the software more effectively.
  • Computer Literacy: A basic understanding of computer operations, including how to navigate the Windows operating system, is essential. The more comfortable you are with using software, the easier it will be to pick up STAAD.Pro.
  • Previous CAD Experience: While not strictly necessary, experience with other CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software can be helpful. If you're familiar with other CAD software, navigating STAAD.Pro's user interface and understanding its functions might be more intuitive.
  • Mathematics: A grasp of the basics of engineering mathematics is crucial. This includes understanding concepts in algebra, calculus, and statistics, among others.
  • Course Material: Ensure you have access to a licensed copy of STAAD.Pro V8i software for hands-on practice, unless provided by the training institution. It's also beneficial to have a computer that meets the software's system requirements.
  • Additional Materials: Depending on the course, you might need certain textbooks or reference materials. Your training provider will typically provide a list of required or recommended materials.

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STAAD Pro V8i Online Training Certification

Multisoft Virtual Academy provides a globally recognized training certificate to the participants, after successful completion of a training program. The training certificates are recognized and accepted across the world.

Multisoft Virtual Academy's training certificate comes with lifetime validity.

Aspirants can directly enroll for the desired course from the Book Now Button in the course page. You can also connect on Whatsapp at +91 8130666206 to talk with a training advisor. Multisoft Virtual Academy also offers customized training programs on a wide range of domains and skills.

All training programs offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy are delivered by certified industry experts, who have years of experience in the relevant domains. Multisoft Global Subject Matter Experts impart knowledge on a wide variety of training courses through one –on-one and corporate training sessions.

Multisoft Virtual Academy training certification can help participants stand out in the competitive job market. Since the training certificates are internationally accepted, participants can showcase their skills and knowledge to employers across the world.

STAAD Pro V8i Online Corporate Training Certification

Interactive Virtual Training

Interactive Virtual Training

  • Global Subject Matter Experts
  • Step-by –Step Learning Approach
  • Instant Doubt Clearing
Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

  • Lifetime E-learning Access
  • Recorded Training Session Videos
  • Free Access to Practice Tests
24x7 Assistance

24x7 Assistance

  • Help Desk Support
  • Doubt Resolution in Real-time
  • After Training Support
Hands on Experience

Hands on Experience

  • Project Based Learning
  • Learning based on real-life examples
  • Assignments and Practice Tests
Globally Recognized Training Certificate

Globally Recognized Certificate

  • Multisoft Training Certificate
  • Globally Recognized and Accepted
  • Lifetime Validity

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STAAD Pro V8i Online Training FAQ's

STAAD.Pro® is the 3D Structural Analysis & Design Engineering software offered by Bentley Systems. The software is widely preferred by professionals to analyze and design any type of structure, virtually, through its advanced features, flexible modeling environment, and fluent data collaboration. STAAD.Pro® v8i is the latest version of the software that allows civil engineering professionals to analyze structural designs in terms of factors like force, load, and displacements.

Among the variegated advantages of STAAD.Pro®, its wide industry acceptance is the major one. The user-friendly package and graphical user interface of STAAD are very beneficial. Below are some of the benefits of STAAD.Pro®: • Extremely Flexible Modeling Environment • Broad Spectra of Design Codes • Interoperability and Open Architecture • Scalable • Reports and Documentation To have a deeper analysis about the benefits of STAAD.Pro®

Civil engineering comes as a broad engineering discipline that deals with construction, design and maintenance of infrastructures. Professionals with a background in this domain can benefit from the computer-aided analysis and design software, STAAD.Pro®, as it: • Solves the indeterminacy of complex and multi-storied structures, such as tunnels, bridges, piles and culverts by dividing them into elements like concrete, timber, aluminium and steel • Provides detailed learning on 3D frame model, structure geometry and coordinate system • Makes the process of grouping and renumbering of joint & member numbers easier Read on to know how STAAD.Pro® is widely preferred for reinforcement, steel and concrete detailing.

One of the significant prerequisites to learn STAAD.Pro® is to have an engineering background. Read on the points exemplified below to know how you can make yourself well-versed with the software: • Formal training is an ideal way to gain hands-on experience in this software. Enroll yourself with Multisoft Virtual Academy that offers 20 hours instructor-led live online training and 11 lab exercises • Get an access to a 24*7 e-Learning resource center to make your study schedule flexible • Practice 7 module-wise assessments to check your skills and areas of improvement Write to our Program Manager @ and get all your course specific queries answered

No, there is no global certification for STAAD.Pro®. However, owing to its huge market demand, what counts the most is how much equipped you are with the software. In order to ensure that you are on the right track and developing the skills required in the market, Multisoft takes you through a host of assessments and practice exercises. For more details on STAAD.Pro® v8i software training, write to us @

No, you don’t need to get the license of STAAD.Pro®, as there is a 30-day trial version available for the same online. During the process of training, you will be guided on how to install the software. Once that 30-day limit is crossed, you need to uninstall the software and purchase a licensed version. Multisoft Virtual Academy assists you in getting access to a corporate version as you are most likely learning STAAD.Pro® for use on-the-job.

No. There is a free trial version of STAAD.Pro® software that you can use and download for 30 days. You need to know that the free version of STAAD.Pro® is to be removed once the limit of 30 days exceeds. Visit to get the details about STAAD.Pro® software licensing. Copyright defilements are subject to fines as high as $150,000. Register with us, or contact our expert Program Managers and request for a free demo now to get a deeper understanding of your queries

Multisoft does not provide the software; however we provide assistance and instructions on how to use it and what are the legal procedures to download it. Other than this, we also ensure that you install it in your PC without any hassle.

STAAD.Pro® is most commonly attended by Civil Engineering candidates, who aspire to work as: • Structure Designers • Project Managers • Building Analysts • Quality Analysts • Bridge Designers If you also wish to build your expertise in using the software at a professional level in architecture firms, construction companies, and government agencies, write to us @

Depending on your areas of interest and professional expertise, you can attend a variety of courses apart from STAAD.Pro®. Primavera is one such course, suitable for individuals from Structural Engineering background. With this course, you will also become an expert in managing projects apart from having an expertise in Structural Designing. For more details on relevant courses, please visit or write to us @

Multisoft Virtual Academy works on providing you summary of updates about courses that you prefer to study. Simply register and get in touch with our expert Program Managers, who entertain all your queries; thereby, delivering best solutions at your time, your place, your pace.

As part of the training program for STAAD.Pro®, participants obtain knowledge about: • STAAD.Pro® V8i User Interface • Model Generation and Editing • Introduction to Loading • Automatic Load Generation • Concrete Design • Seismology • FEM / FEA • Steel Design • Report Generation • Foundation Design

Assessments, mock tests, assignments and multiple practice questions are available in the data bank to ensure that our students are completely skilled and proficient in using STAAD.Pro® software. You can project your level of knowledge and areas of improvement. These practice questions are time-based that are available on the Learning Management System (LMS). At the end of each test, the LMS provides candidates with the correct answers and their explanations. Moreover, a detailed report shows the complete analysis of your proficiency and areas of development.

Multisoft’s STAAD.Pro® v8i Online Training program offers the below learning advantages: • 20 hours Instructor-led Live Online Training • Experienced Mentor • 7 Online Assessments • 11 Lab Exercises • 24/7 e-Learning Access • STAAD.Pro® Reference Guide

Multisoft Virtual Academy is a 360° learning solution that is a boon to learning enthusiasts in the modern world. The academy is visualized as a large basket of technologies where all the elements of learning are put together; however leverage to define the process is in the user’s hands, according to his/ her convenience. Moreover, the LMS (Learning Management System) provided by Multisoft Virtual Academy is its USP that makes it stand out among others. Not to forget, Multisoft has the Authorized Training Partnership with leading organizations, including Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco®, Intel, Red Hat, PMI, IIBA, Siemens, ISTQB, PTC, Bentley and many more. Some of the salient features of Multisoft’s online training are: • Live Instructor-led Online Learning • Experienced and Certified Trainers • Collaborative Platform • 24/7 E-Learning • Assessments & Mock Tests • Score Analysis • Endless Choices • Corporate Solutions & onDemand Training Read our testimonials to know why students prefer us.

With Multisoft’s 24*7 self-paced learning program, you can have 24/7 access to the e-Learning content on our website once you enroll with us for a course by paying the course fee. For further details, please write to us @

Please write to us @ or chat with us now for an instant solution

Yes! We do provide a course completion certificate upon the successful completion of your training program with Multisoft Virtual Academy.

You can opt for our Instructor-led Live Online Training Sessions and get your access to an interactive communication platform that complements our expert trainers’ skills by providing them intuitive tools to share documents, videos, applications and desktop in real time. Individuals who are looking for undivided attention from our experts can opt for our One-on-One Mentorship program. For complete details, please visit us at or write to us @

Yes, we do have a 24*7 support team that answers all your queries and doubts. Additionally, we also provide you with the recorded class videos, sample assessments and 6 full length mock tests in your LMS (Learning Management System) for exam preparation.

Just give us a call at 8130666209 or write to us @

Yes. Multisoft Virtual Academy serves candidates across the globe. Our programs are online and you never have to actually travel or sit as in a conventional classroom training program. Moreover, you can schedule learning sessions as per your convenience. Multioft’s 360° learning solution and 24*7 e-Learning access provide you with relevant course material for gaining expertise in your area of interest and nailing the certification exams (if any) in an easier way.

If you wish to reserve your seat in any of the Multisoft’s Online Training Programs, and then just click on Enroll button that directs you to our online banking payment gateway. You may even contact our Program Manager by sending us your query @

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