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Finance Management Skills Training and Certification Courses

Overseeing your organization’s financial structure, advising about favorable investments, and analyzing ways of maximizing profits are few critical tasks that Finance Experts perform. As an indispensable element of every business, Financial Managers not just have an important but a very reputable role to play. With constant knowledge upgradation about current industry trends and excellent understanding of how to multiply revenues, Finance Experts are one sort of professionals to be always in demand. As per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for Finance Managers is $109,740 and that for Financial Advisors is $67,520. The demand for these professionals is estimated to grow by 9% and 32% respectively between 2012 and 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FMIS stands for Financial Management Information System. It is a software solution that helps companies in decision-making by transforming financial data into useful information. It is likely to replace the current General Ledger System.

FMIS has gained popularity across the globe. It automates the manual processes and helps the companies in organizational efficiency improvement. This software solution offers a tool that helps the organizational decision-makers in decentralization of accounting processes.

CFO or chief financial officers are highly responsible employees for the company’s policies, goals, and financial success. They mainly deal with investment decisions, financial analysis, financial planning, protecting assets, managing financial resources, and capital structure decisions.

Yes, there are a few limitations. The companies with multiple divisions calculate the ratios based on the aggregate data. So, they cannot use it for inter-firm comparisons. Owing to inflation, the historical cost value is substantially different from the true values.

Your financial planning includes the entire range of decisions you take in your financial life. The process of financial planning includes gathering information about assets, liabilities, spending, and income; presenting financial solutions; discussing and identifying goals and objectives; and risk management recommendations.

Wealth Management is the process of managing wealth at the personal or organizational level. It combines investment management, financial planning, and personal relationship. Wealth Management also includes the aim of helping clients in achieving their financial life goals.
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