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ITIL doesn't create business strategies; it optimizes workflows and enables organizations to align business with information technology. Besides, ITIL is compatible with third-party project management systems and gives businesses the ability to deal with changing requirements.

It is important that the key management figures, who are committed to ITIL implementation, introduced to ITIL principles. If you move this way, it will help you secure the necessary funding, ensure management attention, and other resources that are required for successful implementation.

The best way to start its implementation is to do that by creating a service overview, composed of supporting business and IT services. Plus, it is important to know who is responsible for what role and introduce designated roles and functions as per the ITIL framework.

If you are planning to implement ITIL in your organization, you should choose ITIL software tools that support the core functions of ITIL. Some of these tools are service catalogue management, service desk, software asset discovery, and license management.

ITIL improves return on investment, improves customer satisfaction, helps to enhance the delivery services, enhances the productivity of IT professionals, implements best practices to improve IT services, and boosts the ability to coordinate the delivery of goods and services.

ITIL supports effective IT service management (ITSM) that is focused on aligning IT services with the changing business needs–it is a registered trademark of AXELOS. However, ITSM ensures that the IT services are aligned with the right business needs, i.e., right processes, people and technology.
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