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MATLAB Online Course and Certification Training

Looking for MATLAB training? Enroll in the MATLAB online course and Certification Training offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy. Gain expertise in MATLAB through comprehensive video training. Upgrade your skills and boost your career with this industry-recognized certification. Register now!

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22 Jun 2024 16 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun
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Instructor-led Training Live Online Classes

22 Jun 2024 16 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun
29 Jun 2024 16 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun
06 Jul 2024 16 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun

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$ 300

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Online Self Learning Courses are designed for self-directed training, allowing participants to begin at their convenience with structured training and review exercises to reinforce learning. You’ll learn through videos, PPTs and complete assignments, projects and other activities designed to enhance learning outcomes, all at times that are most convenient to you.

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$ 300

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Instructor-Led Online Training Parameters

Course Highlights

  • Duration: 16 Hrs.
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • After Training Support
  • Lifetime e-Learning Access
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Free Online Assessments
MATLAB Training Course Syllabus

Curriculum Designed by Experts


The MATLAB® online course by Multisoft Virtual Academy builds expertise in the basic functionalities of MATLAB® software. Used for highly sophisticated numerical computing tasks, MATLAB® makes mathematical calculations much easier and helps professionals to perform Data Analysis and Visualization tasks.

Students who attend the MATLAB® online course learn how to work with the user-friendly syntax of MATLAB® commands. This training familiarizes participants with MATLAB® tool boxes; function libraries; and graphics and data visualization tools. The MATLAB® online training also imparts knowledge and skills related to Graphical User Interface (GUI) designing. Students are additionally acquainted with the basics of SIMULINK software.

After completing the MATLAB® online course, participants can take the first-level exam to achieve the globally recognized MathWorks Certified MATLAB® Associate credential. This certification validates an individual™ expertise with the MATLAB® software and increases his / her professional standing.

Here is a sample list of modules that might be covered in a MATLAB course. Please note that the actual modules and their order may vary depending on the course provider and the level of the course (beginner, intermediate, advanced). This list provides a general overview:

  • MATLAB environment and user interface
  • MATLAB syntax and basic operations
  • Variables, data types, and arrays

  • Scalar and matrix operations
  • Linear algebra operations
  • Symbolic mathematics

  • Importing and exporting data
  • Matrix manipulation and indexing
  • Plotting and customizing graphs

  • Conditional statements (if, else, switch)
  • Looping structures (for, while)
  • Writing functions and scripts

  • Cell arrays and structures
  • Multidimensional arrays and sparse matrices
  • Tables and timetable data structures

  • Advanced plotting techniques
  • 3D plotting and animations
  • Creating interactive visualizations

  • Reading and writing data to files
  • Working with text files and spreadsheets
  • Using MATLAB data files (.mat)

  • Symbolic calculations and solving equations
  • Numerical integration and differentiation
  • Simulating dynamic systems

  • Overview of popular toolboxes (e.g., Image Processing, Signal Processing, Statistics)
  • Utilizing built-in functions and libraries
  • Exploring additional resources and add-ons

  • Creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs)
  • Deploying MATLAB code as standalone applications
  • Integrating MATLAB with other programming languages

  • Image and video processing
  • Optimization and curve fitting
  • Signal processing and filtering
  • Machine learning and data analytics

  • Applying MATLAB skills to real-world problems
  • Working on projects to reinforce learning
  • Presenting and discussing project results

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MATLAB Training Description

The MATLAB  Online Training Course and Certification aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of MATLAB, a widely used programming language and environment for numerical computing and data analysis. The course objectives may vary depending on the specific program, but generally include:

  • Introduction to MATLAB: Familiarize participants with the MATLAB environment, including the user interface, basic syntax, variables, and data types.
  • Mathematical Operations: Teach participants how to perform various mathematical operations using MATLAB, such as arithmetic, linear algebra, numerical integration, and differentiation.
  • Data Manipulation and Visualization: Cover techniques for importing, manipulating, and visualizing data in MATLAB. This includes working with matrices, arrays, plotting graphs, and creating custom visualizations.
  • Programming Fundamentals: Introduce participants to programming concepts in MATLAB, such as conditional statements, loops, functions, and file input/output operations. These skills are crucial for automating tasks and building more complex algorithms.
  • Advanced Topics: Explore advanced features and functionalities of MATLAB, such as handling large datasets, optimization techniques, curve fitting, signal processing, and statistical analysis.

  • Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Researchers
  • Data analysts
  • Programmers
  • Mathematicians
  • Students
  • Technicians
  • Statisticians
  • Academics

  1. Programming Fundamentals: Familiarity with fundamental programming concepts like variables, data types, loops, conditional statements, and functions will be beneficial.

  2. Mathematics and Linear Algebra: A solid foundation in mathematics, including algebra, calculus, and linear algebra, is crucial as MATLAB is extensively used for mathematical computations.

  3. Basic Statistics: Understanding statistical concepts such as mean, median, standard deviation, probability distributions, and hypothesis testing will be helpful in MATLAB's statistical analysis capabilities.

  4. Numerical Methods: Familiarity with numerical methods like root finding, interpolation, and integration will enable you to leverage MATLAB's numerical capabilities effectively.

  5. Data Manipulation and Visualization: Knowledge of handling and manipulating data, including importing/exporting data from files and databases, and visualizing data using plots and graphs, is important for data analysis in MATLAB.

Free MATLAB Training Assessment

Right from the beginning of learning journey to the end and beyond, we offer continuous assessment feature to evaluate progress and performance of the workforce.

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MATLAB Training Certification

Multisoft Virtual Academy provides a globally recognized training certificate to the participants, after successful completion of a training program. The training certificates are recognized and accepted across the world.

Multisoft Virtual Academy's training certificate comes with lifetime validity.

Aspirants can directly enroll for the desired course from the Book Now Button in the course page. You can also connect on Whatsapp at +91 8130666206 to talk with a training advisor. Multisoft Virtual Academy also offers customized training programs on a wide range of domains and skills.

All training programs offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy are delivered by certified industry experts, who have years of experience in the relevant domains. Multisoft Global Subject Matter Experts impart knowledge on a wide variety of training courses through one –on-one and corporate training sessions.

Multisoft Virtual Academy training certification can help participants stand out in the competitive job market. Since the training certificates are internationally accepted, participants can showcase their skills and knowledge to employers across the world.

MATLAB Corporate Training Certification

Interactive Virtual Training

Interactive Virtual Training

  • Global Subject Matter Experts
  • Step-by –Step Learning Approach
  • Instant Doubt Clearing
Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

  • Lifetime E-learning Access
  • Recorded Training Session Videos
  • Free Access to Practice Tests
24x7 Assistance

24x7 Assistance

  • Help Desk Support
  • Doubt Resolution in Real-time
  • After Training Support
Hands on Experience

Hands on Experience

  • Project Based Learning
  • Learning based on real-life examples
  • Assignments and Practice Tests
Globally Recognized Training Certificate

Globally Recognized Certificate

  • Multisoft Training Certificate
  • Globally Recognized and Accepted
  • Lifetime Validity

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MATLAB Training FAQ's

MATLAB® is a high-performance language that simplifies complicated mathematical calculations and performs data analysis and visualization tasks in an easier manner. It uses commonly used mathematical notations while solving problems and giving solutions.

MATLAB® is used for: • Algorithm development • Math and computation • Modeling, simulation, and prototyping • Application development including Graphical User Interface building • Data analysis, exploration, and visualization • Scientific and engineering graphics

MATLAB® product family comprises of the following: • Parallel Computing • Math, Statistics, and Optimization • Control Systems • Signal Processing and Communications • Image Processing and Computer Vision • Test and Measurement • Computational Finance • Computational Biology • Code Generation • Application Deployment • Database Access and Reporting

MATLAB® has numerable benefits. Below mentioned are few of them: • It has an added benefit over maple, as the programs stored in it are easier to write. • Every piece of data is stored in form of matrices, which makes data analysis easy. • It works on simple syntax format that is easier to implement • It contains numerable easy functions and a toolbox of formats

Aspirants will get a deep understanding about the following topics covered under Multisoft’s MATLAB® online training: • Concepts of modeling and simulation • Implementation and simulation of models using MATLAB® • Knowledge of Image Processing, Machine Learning, and Face Recognition, Optical Character Recognition • Filtering the Data • Audio and Video Processing

MATLAB® is comprised of some very important features that make it preferable in various industries: • Uses High-level language for numerical computation, application development, and visualization • Hosts an interactive environment for design, iterative exploration, and problem solving • Performs mathematical functions for optimization, statistics, numerical integration, Fourier analysis, filtering, and solving ordinary differential equations • Has built-in graphics for visualizing data and tools to help in creation of custom plots • Has development tools that improve code quality and maintainability and increase performance • Contains tools to build applications with custom graphical interfaces • Has inbuilt functions that integrate MATLAB® based algorithms with external applications using languages like Java, C, Microsoft® Excel®, and .NET

MathWorks the regulating authority of MATLAB® provides two levels of certification: • MathWorks Certified MATLAB® Associate • MathWorks Certified MATLAB® Professional

Below mentioned are few major industries that use MATLAB®: • Aerospace • Automobile industry • Computational Science • Embedded Systems

After the successful completion of the training with Multisoft Virtual Academy, learners will receive a Training Certificate. The training is crucial for candidates as that helps them gain expertise in using the high-end tool to the optimum. It also prepares them for the official certification exam that is conducted by MathWorks.

Collaborative Learning Methodology: Aspirants get introduced to a learning mechanism which has foundations in interactive and collaborative pedagogies. • 24/7 Learning: Multisoft provides an access to its Learning Management System that hosts all the MATLAB® learning and course material. The access is 24/7. • Flexible Schedules: Learners can become the master of their will. They can also schedule the batch or join an existing one, depending upon their timings • Practice to Perfection: Gaining expertise through 8 assessment exams, 6 lab exercises along with 4 projects that provide real time score and time analysis. Aspirants also get a detailed explanation of answers.

Learners willing to upgrade their knowledge quotient, have Multisoft at their disposal. There is an option of schedules for all the programs. For working professionals, there is an ease of learning through recorded sessions and 24/7 access to learning resources.

The trainers at Multisoft Virtual Academy are industry skilled and experienced professionals. Their knowledge and understanding of the concepts is complemented with the actual on-job experiences. They have been applauded for the noteworthy improvements in the leading MNCs. Also, all the instructors are routinely guided by Multisoft to deliver the best and valuable training to the students.

Yes, aspirants can write to for a demo class.

Once the candidates enroll in the program by paying the fees for the same, they get access to LMS. They can access all the course notes, assessments and other material through LMS. The learners get access to the content for 24/7.

Yes, upon the successful completion of the training, Candidates get a training certificate from Multisoft.

Candidates can make the online payment for the choice of course they want to undergo. The fee details are mentioned on the website. For making the payment, aspirants can click on ENROLL button which will take them to the payment gateway. Candidates also have the option of bank wire transfer. They can write to us at to get the details.

If aspirants still have any queries regarding the program or any other details, they can drop a mail at Learners will get a reply within 24 hours.

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