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Virtual Reality gives users an immersive 3D gaming experience, and Unity 5, along with its stunning 3D

Unity Virtual Reality – Volume 2

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Virtual Reality gives users an immersive 3D gaming experience, and Unity 5, along with its stunning 3D

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Course Details

Virtual Reality gives users an immersive 3D gaming experience, and Unity 5, along with its stunning 3D animation capabilities, is one of the best choices for game developers to create out-of-the-box Virtual Reality games for different platforms such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR.

This course takes a practical, project-based approach to teach you the basics of Virtual Reality development with the Unity 3D game engine. We’ll take you through a series of hands-on projects, step-by-step tutorials, and in-depth discussions using Unity 5 and other free or open source software. While VR technology is rapidly advancing, we'll try to capture the basic principles and techniques that you can use to make your VR games and applications immersive and comfortable.

Who all can attend

This course is for those who are interested in Virtual Reality and want to learn how it works, or want to create their own VR experiences. Whether you're a nonprogrammer and are unfamiliar with 3D computer graphics, or are experienced in both but are new to Virtual Reality. It is also good for people who are new to Unity but can adapt to the pace of the course.Mobile and 2D game designers who already know how to use Unity will discover another dimension.

What you will learn from this course

  • Implement the first-person and third-person experiences that use only head motion gestures for input
  • Create animated walkthroughs
  • Learn to work with forces and gravity
  • Build 3D architectural space
  • Implementing virtual walk-through
  • Use 360-degree media
  • Build multi-user social VR experiences
  • Get to know about the technology and psychology of VR including rendering, performance and VR motion sickness

Course Content

  1. First-Person Character
    • The Course Overview
    • Understanding the Unity Characters
    • Making First Person
    • User Calibration
    • Maintaining Sense of Self
    • Locomotion, Teleportation, and Sensors
    • Managing Motion VR Sickness

  2. Physics and Environment
    • Unity Physics
    • Bouncy Balls
    • Headshots
    • Trampoline and Bricks
    • A Human Trampoline
    • Interlude- Environment and Things
    • Elevator and Jump

  3. Walk-Throughs and Rendering
    • Building in Blender
    • Assemble the Scene in Unity
    • Adding Photos to the Gallery
    • Animated Walk-Through
    • Optimizing for Performance and Comfort

  4. Using All 360 Degrees
    • 360-Degree Media
    • Crystal Ball
    • Magic Orbs
    • Panorama and Infographics
    • Equirectangular Projections
    • Globes
    • Photosphere
    • Field of View
    • Capturing 360-Degree Media

  5. Social VR Meta Verse
    • Multiplayer Networking
    • Setting Up a Simple Scene
    • Adding Multiplayer Networking
    • Adding a Multiplayer Virtual Network

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Unity Virtual Reality – Volume 2
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