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Data Scientist Training Certification Course Online

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The Data Scientist online training offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy is the concoction of five courses that insights the candidates on all the essential aspects that is considered as the indispensable for a Data Scientist to gain the expertise on the subject matter.

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Start Date End Date No. of Hrs Time (IST) Day
27 Apr 2024 26 May 2024 50 06:00 PM - 11:00 AM Sat, Sun
04 May 2024 02 Jun 2024 50 06:00 PM - 11:00 AM Sat, Sun
11 May 2024 09 Jun 2024 50 06:00 PM - 11:00 AM Sat, Sun

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30 Hrs. Instructor-led training

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Data Scientist Online Training Course Overview

The Data Scientist online training offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy is the concoction of five courses that insights the candidates on all the essential aspects that is considered as the indispensable for a Data Scientist to gain the expertise on the subject matter.

The course modules enable vast knowledge on Data Science With SAS Training (SAS Programmer), Data Science Certification Training (Data Science with R), Big Data Hadoop And Spark Developer and Data Science with Python from the basics to the advanced level. However, the aspirants learn better implementation of Data Manipulation Techniques using R programming, processing scenarios can be handled by Spark by combining the technologies such as: SQL, streaming and complex analytics together seamlessly in the same application, Processing complicated data with the help of Pig use cases, etc.  

Data Scientist Online Training Course Content

1. Data Science With SAS Training (SAS Programmer)

SAS® Base

  • SAS® Programming 1: Essentials
  • Introduction to SAS® foundation
  • Introduction to SAS® programs
  • Accessing SAS® Data
  • Producing Detail Reports
  • Formatting Data Values
  • Reading SAS® Data Sets
  • Reading Spreadsheet and Database Data
  • Reading Spreadsheet and Database Data
  • Manipulating Data
  • Combining SAS®Data Sets
  • Creating Summary Reports

SAS® Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques

  • Introduction
  • Controlling Input and Output
  • Summarizing Data
  • Reading Raw Data Files
  • Data Transformations
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Processing Data Iteratively
  • Restructuring a Data Set
  • Combining SAS® Data Sets

SAS® Advanced

SAS® SQL 1: Essentials

  • Introduction
  • Displaying Query Results
  • SQL Joins
  • Subqueries
  • Set Operators
  • Creating Tables and Views
  • Advanced PROC SQL Features

SAS® Macro Language 1:Essentials

  • Introduction
  • Macro Variables
  • Macro Definitions
  • DATA Step and SQL Interfaces
  • Macro Programs

2. Data Science Certification Training - R Programming

Essential to R programming

  • An Introduction to R
  • Introduction to the R language
  • Programming statistical graphics
  • Programming with R
  • Simulation
  • Computational linear algebra
  • Numerical optimization

Data Manipulation Techniques using R programming

  • Data in R
  • Reading and Writing Data
  • R and Databases
  • Dates
  • Factors
  • Subscripting
  • Character Manipulation
  • Data Aggregation
  • Reshaping Data

Statistical Applications using R programming

  • Basics
  • The R environment
  • Probability and distributions
  • Descriptive statistics and graphics
  • One- and two-sample tests
  • Regression and correlation
  • Analysis of variance and the Kruskal–Wallis test
  • Tabular data
  • Power and the computation of sample size
  • Advanced data handling
  • Multiple Regression
  • Linear models
  • Logistic regression
  • Survival analysis
  • Rates and Poisson regression
  • Nonlinear curve fitting

3. Big Data Hadoop And Spark Developer

Big Data Hadoop

  • Introduction
  • Hadoop Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Pig
  • Basic Data Analysis with Pig
  • Processing Complex Data with Pig
  • Multi-Dataset Operations with Pig
  • Extending Pig
  • Pig Troubleshooting and Optimization
  • Introduction to Hive
  • Relational Data Analysis with Hive
  • Hive Data Management
  • Text Processing with Hive
  • Hive Optimization
  • Extending Hive
  • Introduction to Impala

Apache Spark

  • An Introduction to Spark - Getting started
    • About Resilient Distributed Dataset and DataFrames
    • The Spark application programming
    • An Introduction to Spark libraries
    • AboutSpark configuration, monitoring and tuning

4 Business Analytics with Excel (with VBA)

  • Macro Introduction
  • Learn About Programming
  • Introduction to Flow Chart & Diagram
  • Getting Starte with VBA
  • VBA Excel Object
  • Operators, Data Types & Variables
  • Conditional Statement
  • Loop Statement
  • VBA User Forms-Part-1
  • VBA User Forms-Part-2
  • Advance VBA Programming

5 Data Science with Python

  • The Data Science: An Overview
  • Data Analytics Overview
  • Statistical Analysis and Business Applications
  • Python Environment Setup and Essentials
  • What is Mathematical Computing with Python (NumPy)?
  • The Scientific computing with Python (Scipy)
  • The Data Manipulation with Pandas
  • The Natural Language Processing with Scikit Learn
  • The Data Visualization in Python using matplotlib
  • Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup
  • Python integration with Hadoop MapReduce and Spark

Target Audience

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These digital credentials will allow trained professionals to present a globally-recognized record of their learning to anyone, at any time.

Multisoft Training Completion Certificate Features :
  • Globally recognized certificate with the complete name of the candidate & Multisoft Virtual Academy logo
  • Clear specification of Course ID & Course Name
  • Certificate with Date of Issuance
  • Unique certificate ID

What Attendees Are Saying


" Great experience of learning R .Thank you Abhay for starting the course from scratch and explaining everything with patience."

- Apoorva Mishra

" It's a very nice experience to have GoLang training with Gaurav Gupta. The course material and the way of guiding us is very good."

- Mukteshwar Pandey

"Training sessions were very useful with practical example and it was overall a great learning experience. Thank you Multisoft."

- Faheem Khan

"It has been a very great experience with Diwakar. Training was extremely helpful. A very big thanks to you. Thank you Multisoft."

- Roopali Garg

"Agile Training session were very useful. Especially the way of teaching and the practice session. Thank you Multisoft Virtual Academy"

- Sruthi kruthi

"Great learning and experience on Golang training by Gaurav Gupta, cover all the topics and demonstrate the implementation."

- Gourav Prajapati

"Attended a virtual training 'Data Modelling with Python'. It was a great learning experience and was able to learn a lot of new concepts."

- Vyom Kharbanda

"Training sessions were very useful. Especially the demo shown during the practical sessions made our hands on training easier."

- Jupiter Jones

"VBA training provided by Naveen Mishra was very good and useful. He has in-depth knowledge of his subject. Thankyou Multisoft"

- Atif Ali Khan
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