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Gain Key Networking Administration Skills with CCNA® Routing & Switching Training!

CCNA® - Routing & Switching Online Training

Gain Key Networking Administration Skills with CCNA® Routing & Switching Training!

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Instructor-Led Online Training

  • 24 Hrs Training
  • 5 Mock Tests
  • Experienced Trainer
  • Exam Preparation Tips
  • 24x7 e-Learning Access
  • Training Certificate
$ 249

Self-Paced Training

  • 24 Hours of E-Learning Content
  • 5 Mock Test
  • 11 Hours Video Content
  • 24x7 E-learning access
  • Exam Preparation Tips
  • Training Certificate
$ 170
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11 Jun 2022 03 Jul 2022 24 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun
25 Jun 2022 17 Jul 2022 24 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun
09 Jul 2022 31 Jul 2022 24 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun
23 Jul 2022 14 Aug 2022 24 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun

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Course Overview

Multisoft Virtual Academy offers Cisco® Certified Network Associate (CCNA®) Routing and Switching training that imbibes the candidates with practical and industry-oriented knowledge on network solutions.

Successful completion of this CCNA® online training guarantees the following skills:

  • Proficiency in installing, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting medium-size routed and switched networks.
  • Capability of managing and optimizing network systems, along with a focus on network infrastructure, which includes routing, switching, wireless access, security, and connectivity to branch offices using WAN.
  • Knowledge of the key fundamentals of networking and TCP/IP with functionalities of Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) & Ether Channel
  • Expertise in working on Network Address Translation (NAT), WANs, DHCP & NTP

CCNA® Routing and Switching Certification is a valuable and widely accepted IT credential which enhances an individual’s marketability within organizations as well as highly improves career prospects.

Course Contents

Course ContentDetailed Course Topics
  • Introduction to Certification Program
  • Internetworking
  • Ethernet & Data Encapsulation
  • TCP/IP Services
  • Subnetting
  • VLSM
  • Managing Cisco® IOS & Internetwork
  • Enhance IGRP & OSPF & RIP
  • IP Routing
  • Layer 2 Switching & STP
  • Security
  • Virtual LAN
  • VTP
  • Inter VLAN Routing
  • Wireless
  • IPV6
  • WAN Technologies

Target Audience

The course is ideal for:

  • IT Technicians and entry-level Engineers aiming who want to pursue their career in the networking field.
  • Individuals with at least 1-3 years of experience in the networking and telecommunications domain
  • Professionals working as Network Specialists, Network Administrators, Network Engineers, System Engineers, Network Support Specialists, Network Administrators, Network Consultants and System Integrators.


  • After undergoing this CCNA® online training, candidates can opt for CCNA® Routing & Switching certification Exam conducted by CISCO® and become Cisco® Certified Network Associate.
  • There are two ways to achieve the CCNA® Routing & Switching certification.
    • Individuals can either appear for only one exam, i.e. Interconnecting Cisco® Networking Devices: Accelerated (CCNA® 200-120), or
    • Take a combination of Interconnecting Cisco® Networking Devices Part 1 (100-101 ICND1) exam and Interconnecting Cisco® Networking Devices Part 2 (200-101 ICND2) exam


What is CCNA®? Is CCNA® the base or required, for getting other certifications?

CCNA® stands for Cisco® Certified Network Associate. For Network Engineers, who wish to accelerate their value to employers and stay parallel with latest technological upgrades in networking domain, Cisco® CCNA® Routing and Switching Certification is the perfect choice. The credential validates an individual’s expertise in the installation, monitoring, and troubleshooting of network infrastructure products designed by Cisco®, the industry leader in IP networking.CCNA® certification lays foundation for advancing to the Expert and Professional level certifications. This credential provides you with job-ready skills significant for roles, such as Network Administrator, Network Engineer, or Network Specialist.

What are the prerequisites for attaining CCNA® Certification?

This certification is ideal for Network Professionals, Administrators and Engineers with 1 to 3 years of experience. However, there are no mandatory pre-requisites for attaining CCNA® Routing and Switching Certification Program.

How can I prepare for the CCNA® exam?

The first step to your Cisco® Certifications is CCNA®. Henceforth, there are variegated resources needed for its preparation: • Practice material • Study content • Expert guidance • Sample assessments Recommended training courses are Interconnecting Cisco® Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1) v1.1 and Interconnecting Cisco® Networking Devices Part 2 (ICND2) v1.1. These are provided by Authorized Cisco® Learning Partners. Multisoft Virtual Academy is one such name that offers you 24 hours Instructor-led Live Online Training, quick exam preparation tips and 6 certification-based mock tests.

Why did Cisco® rename CCNA® to CCNA® Routing and Switching?

The CCNA® job role has evolved within the Routing and Switching area as Network Engineers are expected to perform more implementation and troubleshooting duties. The redesign of the curriculum and exams reflect these job role changes and is reflected in the renaming.

What is CCNA® Routing and Switching and how is it different to CCNA®?

CCNA® Routing and Switching is same as CCNA®. However the exams, courseware and complete curriculum have been re-designed as per the changing job roles and technology upgrades in routing and switching. CCNA® Routing and Switching hones an engineer’s ability to perform new job tasks that include how to: • Manage IOS Licensing • Manage the latest IOS software running on the newest Cisco® routers and switches • Perform more comprehensive troubleshooting • Configure and manage IPv6 addressing

Currently, I am a CCNA®. How can I achieve CCNA® Routing and Switching?

Well, if you are currently a CCNA® then you will automatically become a CCNA® Routing and Switching in the Cisco® database. However, it is upon recertification that you receive your new CCNA® Routing and Switching certificate. As per the details mentioned on the official web portal of Cisco®, you can alternatively take any of the bulleted examinations: • CCDA® DESGN exam • CCNA® Concentration exam (wireless, or security, or voice, or SP Ops), or • 642-XXX Professional level exam • Cisco® Specialist exam (excluding Sales Specialist exams or Meeting Place Specialist exams, Implementing Cisco® • Tele Presence Installations (ITI) exams, Cisco® Leading Virtual Classroom Instruction exams, or any 650 online exams) • CCIE® Written Exam • CCDE® Written Exam • CCDE® Practical Exam A significant amount of additional study would be needed if you elected to do the new ICND2 or CCNA® Exams. For detailed enquiry, write to us @

What changes have been made in Cisco® Associate-level examinations?

In March, 2013, Cisco® announced the complete redesigning of Cisco® Associate-level certification programs, including the CCNA® and CCENT certifications. Cisco® has evolved its associate-level certifications to align with changing industry job roles in routing and switching, and advanced technologies such as security, wireless, and voice. The certification formerly known as CCNA® has evolved into the new CCNA® Routing and Switching certification. For complete details, visit the official web portal of Cisco® or enquire @

Is CCNA® the best requisite for breaking into networking? Is Network+ (or another cert) preferable before attempting the new CCNA® exam?

Undoubtedly, yes! Best requisite for breaking into networking is CCNA®. As far as the essence of Network+ is concerned, this is a vendor-neutral certification with little practical hands-on work (usually considered to be based on historical networking and theory). Research details conclude that employers value a CCNA® far more than a Network+ certified professional. Submit your queries @ to get a detailed prescription and training assistance.

Are the CCNA® Routing and Switching exams changing?

Yes. There are changes in the course content of CCNA® Routing and Switching exams. Cisco® introduced new exams for ICND1, ICND2, and CCNA® Composite programs. The updates include comprehensive trouble shooting, IPv6 integrated with latest Cisco® Routing and Switching Technology. All the candidates were informed to take the old curriculum exam by the end of 30th September, 2013. The exams were altered to reflect the evolution of industry job roles. Exam 640-822 ICND1 was replaced by 100-101 ICND1, while 640-816 ICND2 exam was replaced by 200-101 ICND2, and exam 640-802 CCNA® was replaced by 200-120 CCNA®.

Should I take the newer CCNA® exam 100-101 ICND1?

Yes, you need to nail the latest exam since the last date for acing Cisco® certification with the old curriculum was 30th September, 2013. Moreover, the new course sounds more relevant for modern day’s Routing and Switching Engineers and hence, you should begin with the latest version ICND1 v2.0. For training and course material, enquire @

Should I take the newer 200-101 ICND2 CCNA® exam?

The new exam should only be taken if you have attended the new ICND2 v2.0 course or if you have undertaken additional study to cover the new content.

Does passing the ICND1 and ICND2 recertify any other certifications?

Yes, it does. Passing ICND1 will recertify CCENT. Passing ICND2 will recertify CCNA® Data Center, CCDA, CCNA® Routing and Switching, CCNA® Security, CCNA® SP, CCNA® SP Ops, CCNA® Video, CCNA® Voice and CCNA® Wireless.

Can I mix and match the current exams with newer exams to achieve CCNA® Routing and Switching?

Practically speaking, you should not do that. Due to the amount of content that has changed, we strongly recommend that if you have already started your certification journey, learn about the latest courseware and updated curriculum. Get all your queries answered by our Expert Program Managers, write to us @

I am new to CCNA® Routing and Switching. Which exams should I take – current or new?

Undoubtedly, the new version should be your preference if you are just starting out on your path to CCNA® Routing and Switching.

How much does the CCNA® Exam cost? What is the passing score for CCNA® Certification exam?

CCNA® Certification exam fee is $295 and the passing score is 825/1000.

What is the duration of CCNA® Exam?

CCNA® exam is scheduled for 90 minutes and has 50-60 questions on it.

What are the topics covered in CCNA® Certification Exam?

CCNA® is a closed book exam and no outside reference materials are allowed. The following topics are general guidelines for the content that is likely to be included on the practical exam. To better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the following guidelines may change at any time without notice. • 5% 1.0 Operation of IP Data Networks • 20% 2.0 LAN Switching Technologies • 5% 3.0 IP addressing (IPv4/IPv6) • 20% 4.0 IP Routing Technologies • 10% 5.0 IP Services • 10% 6.0 Network Device Securities • 20% 7.0 Troubleshooting • 10% 8.0 WAN Technologies

What are the recertification requirements for CCNA® Routing and Switching?

CCNA® Routing and Switching certification gets expired within three years. At such time, you will need to recertify.

State the differences between the old CCNA® exam 640-822 ICND1 and the newer exam 100-101 ICND1?

Significant differences have been introduced in the new curriculum as compared to the old one. The old topics have been removed and certain topics previously included in ICND2 have been moved into ICND1.

What are the differences between the old exam 640-802 CCNA® and the newer exam 200-120 CCNA®?

There is a major difference between both the versions. Approximately, 40 % of the old topics have been replaced with the new ones. Even additional topics are segmented as per the latest technological and networking upgrades. Multisoft Virtual Academy provides you with the relevant course material and expert mentorship of experienced trainers that guide you to nail the CCNA® certification exam with no hassle.

How can I get CCNA® Routing and Switching Certification?

There are 2 ways to achieve CCNA® Routing and Switching Certification: • Clear the ICND-1 100-101 and ICND-2 200-101 exams or • Crack the CCNA® 200-120 exam

What are the benefits of attaining CCNA® Routing and Switching Certification?

There is no denying to the fact that CCNA® is one of the most vouched and valued IT Certifications across the globe. Below are some of the major benefits of attaining CCNA® Routing and Switching Certification: • Kick-starts your Networking career • Expands job prospects • Increases productivity and improves network-based ROI • Exposes to the newest hardware and software • Provides employee benefits and accelerating salaries

How long is the CCNA® certification valid?

Validity for CCNA® certifications stands for three years.

Brief me about CCNA® recertification.

As prescribed by Cisco®, to recertify you need to pass the current CCNA® exam, or the ICND exam. Other options include passing any 642 professional level or Cisco® Qualified Specialist exam (excluding Sales Specialist exams), or CCIE written exam on or after October 1, 2004. More information about the CCNA® examination, course material, or designation can be obtained from Cisco® authorized preparation course provider such as Multisoft Virtual Academy.

How can I prepare myself for CCNA® Certification Exam?

If you are a Network Engineer looking forward to become a CCNA®, below are the steps that you need to consider to nail the certification exam: Register yourself with a Cisco® Authorized Education Provider such as Multisoft Virtual Academy Get trained with the relevant course content and study material such as: • Ethernet & Data Encapsulation • TCP/IP Services • Subnetting • Inter VLAN Routing • NAT/PAT • Wireless • IPV6 • WAN Technologies Check if you are really prepared to nail the certification exam with sample assessments and 6 certification-based mock tests provided by Multisoft Get a training certificate that acknowledges your learning and skills in CCNA® from Multisoft

Where can I get information about Cisco® certifications?

Learn more and register yourself with Multisoft Virtual Academy that gives you access to all the upgrades or necessary Cisco® certifications. You may also go through Cisco® Learning Network to avail additional e-lab simulations, or relevant study material.

What are the certification levels for Cisco®?

The widely accepted Cisco® certification programs bring valuable, measurable rewards to Networking Professionals as well as their Managers and to the organizations that employ them. Select the career path below that meets your goals for financial and professional rewards:

How can I keep myself up-to-date with all CCNA® developments?

Multisoft Virtual Academy works on providing you summary of updates about courses that you prefer to study. Simply register at: and get in touch with our expert Program Managers, who entertain all your queries; thereby, delivering best solutions at your time, your place, your pace.

What learning elements are included in CCNA® course?

As part of the training program for CCNA®, participants are credited with the below benefits: • Introduction to Certification Program • Internetworking • Ethernet & Data Encapsulation • TCP/IP Services • Subnetting • VLSM • Managing Cisco® IOS & Internetwork • Enhance IGRP & OSPF & RIP • IP Routing • Layer 2 Switching & STP • Security • Virtual LAN • VTP • Inter VLAN Routing • NAT/PAT • Wireless • IPV6 • WAN Technologies

How can I check that I am well-prepared and set to nail the CCNA® Certification Exam?

Assessments, mock tests, assignments and multiple practice questions are available in the data bank to ensure that our students ace in the very first exam attempt. Project your level of knowledge and areas of improvement @ These mock tests are time-based that are available on the Learning Management System (LMS). At the end of each test, the LMS provides students with the correct answers and their explanations. Moreover, a detailed report shows the complete analysis of your proficiency and areas of development.

What learning benefits can you get from Multisoft Virtual Academy’s Training Program?

Multisoft’s CCNA® Routing and Switching Online Training program includes the below learning elements: • 24 Hours Instructor-led Online Training • 6 Mock Tests • 24x7 e-Learning Access • Certified Trainer • Exam Preparation Tips • Training Certificate

Why you should choose Multisoft Virtual Academy for your Online Training Program?

Multisoft Virtual Academy is a 360° learning solution that is a boon to learning enthusiasts in the modern world. The academy is visualized as a large basket of technologies where all the elements of learning are put together; however leverage to define the process is in the user’s hands, according to his/ her convenience. Moreover, the LMS (Learning Management System) provided by Multisoft Virtual Academy is its USP that makes it stand out among others. Not to forget, Multisoft has the Authorized Training Partnership with leading organizations, including Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco®, Intel, Red Hat, PMI, IIBA, Siemens, ISTQB, PTC, Bentley and many more. Some of the salient features of Multisoft’s online training are: • Live Instructor-led Online Learning • Experienced and Certified Trainers • Collaborative Platform • 24/7 E-Learning • Assessments & Mock Tests • Score Analysis • Endless Choices • Corporate Solutions & onDemand Training Read our testimonials to know why students prefer us.

Where and how can I access the e-learning content? Are there any limitations?

With Multisoft’s 24*7 self-paced learning program, you can have 24/7 access to the e-learning content on our website once you enroll with us for a course by paying the course fee. For further details, please write to us @

I am not able to access Multisoft’s Online Training course. Whom should I contact for assistance?

Please write to us @ or chat with us now for an instant solution.

Does the course fee include the certification fees?

The course fee only includes the Exam Preparatory Workshop charge. Multisoft assists you in filling up the application form and completing all the pre-requisites required for the certification. The certification fee is a third party transaction and needs to be done by the candidate only.

Do you provide any course completion certificate?

Yes! We do provide a course completion certificate upon the successful completion of your training program with Multisoft Virtual Academy.

Will Multisoft provide me with CCNA® Routing Switching Certification?

Participants are provided with the Training Certificate in CCNA® Routing and Switching from Multisoft. For obtaining CCNA® Routing and Switching Certification, candidates need to schedule and nail the certification exam drafted by Cisco®.

I am a working professional and none of the batch timings are suitable for me. Can Multisoft be of some help?

You can opt for our Instructor-led Live Online Training Sessions and get your access to an interactive communication platform that complements our expert trainers’ skills by providing them intuitive tools to share documents, videos, applications and desktop in real time. Individuals who are looking for undivided attention from our experts can opt for our One-on-One Mentorship program.

For complete details, please visit us at or write to us @

Will I get any support from Multisoft, once my training is completed?

Yes, we do have a 24*7 support team that answers all your queries and doubts. Additionally, we also provide you with the recorded class videos, sample assessments and 6 full length mock tests in your LMS (Learning Management System) for exam preparation.

How would a certificate from Multisoft help me?

Multisoft is a Cisco® Authorized Education Provider and hence, the training certificate provided by the academy will substantially assist the professional in getting recognition across the globe.

What if I have more queries?

Just give us a call at 8130666209 or write to us @

Can I register for programs if I am an international student?

Yes. Multisoft Virtual Academy serves candidates across the globe. Our programs are online and you never have to actually travel or sit as in a conventional classroom training program. Moreover, you can schedule learning sessions as per your convenience. Multioft’s 360° learning solution and 24*7 e-learning access provide you with relevant course material for nailing the certification exams in an easier way.

What are the payment options?

If you wish to reserve your seat in any of the Multisoft’s Online Training Programs, then just click on enroll button that directs you to our online banking payment gateway. You may even contact our Program Managers and send us your query @ for specific details.

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