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The smarter way to build fast and dynamic android apps.

Test-Driven Android

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The smarter way to build fast and dynamic android apps.

  • Video Duration:06 Hours
  • Cost: $ 124.99

Course Details

In Test Driven Android Development, we discuss how good Object Oriented Design and Test Driven Design are complementary. We create a simple JUnit test, using a stub object that represents a data feed. Next, we demonstrate how to write a test driven design unit test for a Java class that performs network operations. After that, we create a unit test for a data access object that uses a JSON data feed. Our test includes JUnit 4 asserts and Hamcrest-style asserst. Then, we discuss blockers that prevent us from writing unit tests, and how we can use Mockito, code coverage, and automatic test execution to ameliorate those blockers. Finally, we look at UI testing with Espresso, and multi-platform testing with Firebase.

Who all can attend

This video is for all Android developers who want to create high quality apps. It is suitable for hobbyists, individual programmers, and team programmers alike. Quality, good or bad, will be reflected quickly in app store ratings. Investing in testing and quality early pays off well in the long run.

What you will learn from this course

  • Why test driven design is important.
  • How test drives good design.
  • JUnit testing basics.
  • Advanced JUnit testing.
  • Write reusable test components with behavior driven design.
  • Plugins that enhance the testing experience
  • Android-specific test frameworks, including UI tests.

Course Content

  1. Fundamentals of Test-driven Development
    • The Course Overview
    • Why Test-Driven Design?
    • The Testing Pyramid
    • Behavior-Driven Development
    • Android Project Structure

  2. Design for Test
    • Best Practices – Interfaces, DTOs, and Layers
    • Why Interfaces?
    • DTO Best Practices
    • Layer Description – UI, Business Logic, and Data Access
    • Minimizing If Tests

  3. Introduction to Unit Testing
    • JUnit Syntax
    • JUnit Annotations
    • Example with Setup and Teardown
    • Design for Test
    • Create a Test-driven Design Test

  4. Behavior-driven Design
    • Given, when, and then syntax
    • Example – Given, When, and Then
    • Extended Given, When, and Then Test
    • More Asserts
    • More Assert Examples
    • Hamcrest Asserts

  5. Add-ins/Plug-ins
    • Remove Dependencies with Mockito
    • Mockito Example
    • Technical Debt
    • Unit Test Code Coverage in Android Studio
    • Build environment

  6. Testing Beyond the Unit Test
    • Android Instrumentation Test
    • Android Instrumentation Test Example
    • Espresso Overview
    • Example Espresso Test
    • Firebase Test Lab

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