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Build your own schedule

Modern learners know what they need to perform better, and Build your Own Schedule training supports this by enabling students to learn at a pace that is conducive for them, at a time, pace and place of their choosing. Students now-a-days are busy and taking them away from their working environment to do a course or fixed scheduled training limits how often you can provide training.

Build Your Own Schedule Features

  • On student registration and payment, they are provided with a confirmation email by the respective Training Advisor
  • On this confirmation email, registered student is advised to provide a schedule that fits him/her for the training
  • Schedule can include weekends and weekdays, different session duration for each training day based on student’s preference
  • This schedule is then acknowledged by the Training Advisor in coordination with the specific Instructor, allocated for the training
  • This feature offers complete flexibility in terms of modifying the schedule and rescheduling based on the mutual agreement between the student and instructor
  • Ensures a perfect work-life balance
  • Encourages the learners to understand the course at the convenience of their pace, place and time
  • Makes sure that the learner has enough time for the scheduled tasks
  • Inspires the learner to become more committed
  • Customize course topics as per your personal training needs

Build Your Own Schedule Benefits

Build Your Own Schedule

Who else doesn’t want to learn as per his/her own schedule? Every learner does!

Perhaps that is the reason, Build your Own Schedule is gaining more popularity across the sphere. Look no further if you are looking for your own schedule generator tool! This will enable you to incorporate the holidays and rest days into your training schedule. Get a personalized training schedule based on weekdays or weekends! Hence, you can track your progress and focus more on what really matters for you in a course.

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