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Project-based Training

Project-Based learning enables the learners to gain a deeper understanding of a topic through problem-solving with the use of real-world case studies & examples. In this learning method, learners learn active engagement of real-world projects. This training method encourages the aspirants in working on projects over an extended period of time. As the learners demonstrate their knowledge by facing a real scenario, Project based training develops skills through the engagement of projects set around real world problems and challenges.

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Fast-Track Training Features

  • This is a method of learning-while-doing as it involves the engagement of student and faculty in a real-time project
  • Learners are able to face and resolve real-time issues that come up; while performing certain activity on the job
  • Project-based Training could be for various industry professionals of Healthcare, Finance, HR, Marketing, or even Project Management
  • Learners and instructors take the opportunity to reflect on what has come up during the course of the project, including obstacles and strategies for overcoming them
  • Project-based Training makes the learner quite proficient to even work towards framing workable solution worth taking forward to a real problem his/her company is facing
  • Develops critical thinking and self-confidence in the students
  • Develops research skills and deepens their learning of applied content
  • Prepares the professionals to think beyond facts or memorization
  • Combines a plethora of learning styles
  • Makes a learner proactive towards real-time work challenges

Fast-Track Training Benefits

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