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VLSI Training Institute & Certification Courses

The Very Large Scale Chip Design industry stands on the edge of expansion. It is time to brace yourself for a technically powerful world by thinking beyond small or medium scale integration! Today, we are completely dependent on microchips as they are present in almost every appliance; from TV remotes to mobiles, and from dish washers to rockets and missiles. Hardware description language, programmable logic devices, and various VLSI tools have brought a huge change in the process related to circuit design, such that it has become entirely independent of the manufacturing issues related to design.

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VLSI Engineer, Security Engineer, Hardware Engineer, ASIC Design Engineer (RTL Designer), Physical Design Engineer Design Lead Manager Design, ASIC verification engineer, and Physical Design Engineer are some of the highly acknowledged job profiles.

VLSI stands for Very-large-scale integration which is an IC or technology with multiple devices on one chip. This term was originated to define the number of transistors or gates per IC with "SSI" (small-scale integration), "LSI" (large-scale), and many others.

You will see the VLSI circuits everywhere in your daily life. Its application range includes chips in a graphic card, digital camera or camcorder, microprocessors in a PC, chips in a mobile phone, chips in a portable computing device, and embedded processors in an automobile.

VLSI increases cost-effectiveness, maximizes device reliability, promotes miniaturization, reduces circuit size, improves performance in terms of the operating speed of circuits, and involves less space in the operations.

VHDL is VHSIC Hardware Description Language; it is a hardware description language that can model the structure and behavior of digital systems.

Python is a high-level general-purpose programming language, but learning this language is not really a requirement for a VLSI engineer. Yes, it will be a function of the design team you join.
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