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SAS Base Programming Specialist Certification Training Course

Enhance your data analysis skills with Multisoft Virtual Academy's online SAS Base Certification Training Course. Gain proficiency in SAS programming, data manipulation, and reporting techniques. Prepare for the SAS Base Certification exam with expert guidance and comprehensive hands-on exercises. Enroll now to boost your career prospects in data analytics and decision-making.

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Instructor-led Training Live Online Classes

20 Jul 2024 24 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun
27 Jul 2024 24 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun
03 Aug 2024 24 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun
10 Aug 2024 24 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Sat, Sun

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$ 310

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Online Self Learning Courses are designed for self-directed training, allowing participants to begin at their convenience with structured training and review exercises to reinforce learning. You’ll learn through videos, PPTs and complete assignments, projects and other activities designed to enhance learning outcomes, all at times that are most convenient to you.

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$ 310

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Instructor-Led Online Training Parameters

Course Highlights

  • Duration: 24 Hrs.
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • After Training Support
  • Lifetime E-Learning Access
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Free Online Assessments
SAS Base Programming Training Course Syllabus

Curriculum Designed by Experts


SAS® Base Certification Exam Prep Workshop trains the Business Analysis professionals to write SAS® programs, build proficiency in data manipulation techniques and subsequently succeed in attaining the certification - SAS® Certified Base Programmer for SAS® 9.

SAS® Certified Base Programmer for SAS® 9course includes two books – SAS®Programming 1: Essentials and SAS® Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques. Participants learn how to navigate the SAS® windowing environment; read various types of data into SAS® data sets; enhance listing and summary reports; and combine and validate SAS® data sets.

This Base SAS® certification and training program additionally imparts the skills required to control SAS® data set input and output; perform DO loop and SAS® array processing; andtransform character, numeric, and date variables. After completing the SAS® Certified Base Programmer for SAS® 9 course, candidates can work as SAS® Developers, Business Analysts, ETL Specialists, Securities Analysts and Statisticians.

Successfully completing the SAS® Certified Base Programmer for SAS® 9 certification makes participants eligible for the Advanced SAS® Programmer Certification.

The SAS Base Programming Training course is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in SAS programming concepts and techniques. The main objective of this course is to equip individuals with the necessary skills to write and execute SAS programs to manipulate and analyze data.

  • 1.1 Understanding the SAS architecture
  • 1.2 Introduction to SAS programming
  • 1.3 Understanding SAS data sets
  • 1.4 Introduction to SAS operators and functions
  • 1.5 Basic SAS procedures

  • 2.1 Reading raw data into SAS
  • 2.2 Controlling SAS data set input and output
  • 2.3 Combining SAS data sets
  • 2.4 Using data transformation functions
  • 2.5 Understanding and manipulating dates

  • 3.1 Conditional processing with the IF and WHERE statements
  • 3.2 Using array processing and DO loops for data manipulation
  • 3.3 Using SAS functions for data manipulation
  • 3.4 Creating and modifying variable attributes

  • 4.1 Using SAS procedures for report generation
  • 4.2 Customizing report output
  • 4.3 Enhancing reports with titles, footnotes and labels
  • 4.4 Using ODS (Output Delivery System) for report customization

  • 5.1 Identifying and correcting syntax errors
  • 5.2 Understanding the data errors
  • 5.3 Debugging programs with the DATA step debugger

  • 6.1 Introduction to SQL procedure
  • 6.2 Interacting with the SQL procedure
  • 6.3 Subsetting and aggregating data with the SQL procedure
  • 6.4 Joining tables with the SQL procedure

  • 7.1 Using the Macro facility for text substitution and automation
  • 7.2 Using advanced SAS procedures
  • 7.3 SAS file I/O techniques

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SAS Base Programming Training Description

The SAS Base Programming Training course is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in SAS programming concepts and techniques. The main objective of this course is to equip individuals with the necessary skills to write and execute SAS programs to manipulate and analyze data.

Here are the specific objectives typically covered in a SAS Base Programming Training course:

  • Introduction to SAS: Participants will learn about the SAS environment, data libraries, data sets, and the structure of a SAS program.
  • Data Manipulation: This module focuses on data manipulation techniques such as reading, importing, exporting, sorting, filtering, and merging data sets. Participants will learn how to use SAS functions and operators to transform and manipulate data.
  • Data Transformations: This section covers techniques for transforming variables, including creating new variables, recoding variables, and applying conditional logic.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Participants will learn how to use SAS procedures and techniques to perform basic statistical analyses, generate descriptive statistics, and create customized reports.
  • SAS Programming Efficiency: This module focuses on best practices and techniques to write efficient and effective SAS programs. Topics covered may include macro programming, data step optimization, and performance tuning.

  • Aspiring data analysts or data scientists
  • Business analysts
  • IT professionals
  • Statisticians
  • Researchers
  • Data enthusiasts
  • Graduates seeking a career in analytics

  • Basic Computer Skills: It is essential to have a working knowledge of computers, including proficiency in operating systems, file management, and basic software usage.
  • Statistics and Mathematics: Familiarity with basic statistical concepts and mathematical operations is beneficial for understanding and applying statistical analysis in SAS.
  • Programming Knowledge: Having a foundational understanding of programming concepts and logic will be helpful. Knowledge of a programming language like Python, R, or any other language will aid in grasping SAS programming syntax and logic.
  • Data Manipulation: Prior experience in working with data, including data cleaning, data formatting, and basic data manipulation techniques, will be advantageous.

Free SAS Base Programming Training Assessment

Right from the beginning of learning journey to the end and beyond, we offer continuous assessment feature to evaluate progress and performance of the workforce.

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SAS Base Programming Training Certification

Multisoft Virtual Academy provides a globally recognized training certificate to the participants, after successful completion of a training program. The training certificates are recognized and accepted across the world.

Multisoft Virtual Academy's training certificate comes with lifetime validity.

Aspirants can directly enroll for the desired course from the Book Now Button in the course page. You can also connect on Whatsapp at +91 8130666206 to talk with a training advisor. Multisoft Virtual Academy also offers customized training programs on a wide range of domains and skills.

All training programs offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy are delivered by certified industry experts, who have years of experience in the relevant domains. Multisoft Global Subject Matter Experts impart knowledge on a wide variety of training courses through one –on-one and corporate training sessions.

Multisoft Virtual Academy training certification can help participants stand out in the competitive job market. Since the training certificates are internationally accepted, participants can showcase their skills and knowledge to employers across the world.

SAS Base Programming Corporate Training Certification

Interactive Virtual Training

Interactive Virtual Training

  • Global Subject Matter Experts
  • Step-by –Step Learning Approach
  • Instant Doubt Clearing
Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

  • Lifetime E-learning Access
  • Recorded Training Session Videos
  • Free Access to Practice Tests
24x7 Assistance

24x7 Assistance

  • Help Desk Support
  • Doubt Resolution in Real-time
  • After Training Support
Hands on Experience

Hands on Experience

  • Project Based Learning
  • Learning based on real-life examples
  • Assignments and Practice Tests
Globally Recognized Training Certificate

Globally Recognized Certificate

  • Multisoft Training Certificate
  • Globally Recognized and Accepted
  • Lifetime Validity

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SAS Base Programming Training FAQ's

If analytics and data have been your interest, getting started with SAS® Base is the most appropriate route.

  • Enroll in the Multisoft SAS® online training of SAS® Certified Base Programmer for SAS® 9 and get 24 hrs live Online Training and access to high quality course content.
  • Prepare yourself with 18 module wise assessments and 3 Mock tests
  • Download SAS® University edition from here:
  • Visit and register for exam Pay the exam Fee and schedule exam date as per your convenience
  • Get certified by passing the exam

The course is appropriate for individuals with a logical bent of mind and skills in statistics coupled with an interest in Data science. There are not any stipulated or defined prerequisites to join the course.

Evolved to be an expedient career choice today, the SAS® program is appropriate for candidates with a high interest quotient in Data Mining and Predictive Analysis. Individuals who have a keen interest in Business Analytics and Data Mining and want to make a career in Data Manipulation techniques can consider taking up SAS®.

Although there are some exams which retire as new software is developed, SAS® Global Certification Program now issues versioned credentials that do not expire. For instance, if you earn SAS® Certified Base Programmer for SAS® 9 credential, you can retain the credential.

McKinsey Global Institute has predicted that by 2018, Unites States alone would face a severe shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 professionals with deep analytical skills. NASSCOM has predicted this number to be 2, 50,000 for India by 2015. As per the Gartner’s recent research, a total of 4.4 million analytics jobs would be created by 2015 globally making Data Analytics and Research to be the second most demanded professional quotient. Harvard simply calls it “Sexiest Job of 21st Century”.

As per, Data Scientists earn an average of $97,000 and have been widely in demand across all Fortune 500 companies. Having this coveted credential would help you to secure a niche amongst the competition along with providing the professional recognition in the domain. Check out Why do you need to have SAS® certification for a Data Analysis role? to get an idea.

It is a 60-65 multiple-choice and short answers-type questions based 110 minutes duration exam, aimed to test an individual’s analytical skills. The questions assess the candidates in the fields of logical reasoning, Data Analytics, Generating Reports and Handling Errors. A candidate has to secure atleast 70% marks to clear the certification.

For candidates registering in North America and India, the fees associated with the SAS® Base exam offered by Pearson VEU is USD 180. This fee can differ in different countries and additional taxes may apply. Please visit for exam pricing in your country.

You can try the Sample Assessment for SAS® Base here. By enrolling in the Training program developed to prepare the candidates for the SAS® Base Global Certification, you get access to high quality course content along with real time assessments and mock tests. You can also request a free Mock Test to get started with.

Each certification exam can be attempted up to five (5) times in a 12-month period, waiting a minimum of 14 days between attempts. Exam charges are incurred for each exam attempt. Although no further attempts are allowed on the exam once a passing score is achieved on the specific one.

The admission procedure for SAS® Base Examination with Pearson VUE starts with creating id which includes your photo id and digital signature. The photograph and signature will become a permanent part of each candidate’s certification record. Instructions to register for a SAS® certification exam with Pearson VUE are available within the Exam Registration tab. If you are a first-time registrant for SAS® Global Certification exams, you will need to create a web account within Pearson VUE. This can take up to two business days to produce your username and password needed. Registration with Pearson VUE may be made online or by phone only. Pearson VUE authorized test centers cannot take registrations at their locations.

The ideal path would be to enroll in a training program like Multisoft Virtual Academy’s SAS® Base Exam Preparation Workshop which aims to build the skills in the required domain. It is highly recommended to opt for an institute which focuses on real time analysis and provides industry focused training. Take this Sample assessment and check how prepared you are to take the exam. Click here.

Multisoft Virtual Academy’s SAS® online training of SAS® Certified Base Programmer for SAS® 9 is ideal for candidates with aspirations in Data Analytics. Apart from equipping the learners with the basic of data manipulation and predictive modeling, the training aims to prepare the candidates for the certification exams.

The course is a 24 hours instructor-led online training which aims to build the necessary skills in a learner to crack the certification exam. For working professionals, the institute provides the option of flexible schedules and on demand training making it feasible for everyone. There are weekend as well as weekday batches available.

Instructor-led online classes can also be customized. This means the schedule you fix is a mutually convenient one and you can also set what pace suits you if you are studying one-on-one.

Apart from the online training sessions, access to course content is provided and the subscription comes with 18 online assessments and 3 mock tests to practice to perfection and build the confidence to take the SAS® Base exam.

Multisoft Virtual Academy has specifically prepared the Base SAS® course to help individuals achieve the associated certification. This course provides knowledge about core SAS® concepts; guides you on how to prepare for the exam; and imparts you in-depth in the area of Data Analysis.

The chief takeaways are:

  • 24 hours instructor-led Online Training
  • Access to SAS® certified Course Notes
  • 3 Mock Tests and 18 module wise assessments
  • Mentorship under SAS® certified Trainer
  • 24/7 e-Learning access

To make sure that the candidates clear the exam in the first attempt, the institute provides loads of experience. Upon enrollment, learners get access to 18 online assessments and 3 Mock Tests to aid the participants in their learning journey. The exhaustive question bank is based on real time cases and helps build the confidence to take up the certification exam. These exams are time based and you can take them through LMS. After completion of a test, the candidate gets to know the correct answers along with the graphical representation of the individual performance.

Data and Analytics have evolved to be a quite lucrative career option. Apart from SAS® Base, SAS® Advanced; Big Data and Hadoop can be found influential with myriad of job opportunities across industries. You can browse the list of programs at Multisoft Virtual Academy and choose your choice of programs.

After gaining SAS® Base certification, you can take your knowledge further with SAS® Advanced Online Training by Multisoft Virtual Academy. Professionals who want to build a strong career in Data Prediction and Manipulation can undergo SAS® Advanced Online Training after which they eligible for SAS® Advanced certification exam.

Yes, the trainer is SAS® certified and holds years of industry expertise. He has trained diversified leaders and is acknowledged for his teaching acumen and knowledge base. He also has hands-on exposure of 4 years which is clearly visible in the quality training and support he provides to the students. Check his profile here.

Yes, upon the successful completion of the training, you get a training certificate from Multisoft.

The candidates can easily make the online payment through the course page. The fees is listed on the page, click the ENROLL button and you will be taken to the payment gateway.


You also have the option of bank wire transfer. You can write to us at to get the details.

The course fee as listed is only for the SAS® Base Online training. Multisoft provides you the certified notes and knowledge enrichment to help the candidates prepare for SAS® Base certification, for which you have to schedule and pay the fee on the parent website. It is a third party transaction and the candidate has to make it himself.

Multisoft provides Training certificate to the students who successfully complete the 24 hours online training with the institute. For gaining the coveted credential, you have to register and pass the SAS® Certified Base Programmer for SAS® 9 certification exam.

Collaborative Learning Methodology: Get introduced to a Learning mechanism which has foundations in interactive and collaborative pedagogies.

Flexible Schedules: Become the master of your will. Schedule your own batch or join an existing one, take your pick.
24/7 Learning: Multisoft provides you an access to it Learning Management System that hosts all the CBAP learning and course material. The access is 24/7.

Practice to Perfection: Gaining expertise through a vast question bank with real time score and time analysis along with detailed explanation of answers.

Read testimonials to know why Multisoft is the most preferred Training provider amongst the professionals globally.

If you are willing to upgrade your knowledge quotient, Multisoft is there for you. We provide the option of flexible schedules for all the programs. For working professionals, there is an ease of learning through recorded sessions and 24/7 access to learning resources.

Yes, you can write to us at for a demo class.

Once you enroll in the program by paying the fees for the same, you get access to LMS. You can access all the course notes, assessments and other material through LMS. The learners can connect to us through a mobile app as well which is available free of cost at Google Play Store. You get access to the content for 24/7.

If you still have any queries regarding the program or any other details, you can drop a mail at You will get a reply within 24 hours.

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