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Fast-Track Training

Here comes the quickest and direct route to the achievement of your learning goal. Multisoft offers you an amazing way of getting trained by certified & experienced working professionals on a fast-track basis. With this training module, you are promised to get maximum knowledge, within a minimum time frame that you can spare for yourself out of your working schedule. Thereafter, you can confidently put your new skills at work sooner. This unique learning module offers an opportunity to the learners to draft a schedule (in consultation with the training advisor) of longer hours; thereby, finishing the course in a shorter span of time.

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Fast-Track Training Features

  • On the confirmation of participant enrolment, he/she will be provided with the information about the total no. of hours for the enrolled program
  • Total no. of hours will be equally divided into training sessions – each session ranges between 4 to 8 hours.
  • There will be breaks during the training, as these periodical breaks will be needed to revise and refresh.
  • This learning mode will adhere in accordance with the understanding level of the student as well.
  • Learn at your pace with a flexible arrangement of time
  • Gain immediate and real business benefits by simultaneously applying what you learn at your workplace
  • Get a distraction-free, focused environment for your learning
  • Stay excited, enthused and more motivated with a quicker development of your own skillset
  • Use your learned skills immediately into practice

Fast-Track Training Benefits

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