10 Worth Knowing Facts About IoT That will Enhance Your Knowledge

IoT is one of the most advanced technological fields in the present times; it is the most trending field as well. IoT stands for Internet of Things and this technology enables the electrical devices with data receiving and transferring capability to interact with each other. Such a device could be anything ranging from a kitchen appliance like a microwave to a wristwatch and health equipment to an automobile, and a whole lot of other devices used in homes, offices, and industries. The IoT technology turns these devices into intelligent devices, that contribute to make your life easy.  

Here are ten worth knowing facts about IoT for all the IoT aficionados that will enhance your knowledge about this domain:

  1. The term Internet of Things was coined by Kevin Ashton while working for Procter & Gamble in 1999…
  2. Though IoT is a trending technology today, a large percentage of people (87% approx.) have not heard the term “Internet of Things.”
  3. As per an estimate, the total number of devices connected through IoT will exceed 50 billion by 2020.
  4. According to IoT Analytics, the most “popular” IoT applications based on the number of news items, Tweets, LinkedIn posts and Google search items are Wearables, Smart City, Smart Home, Industrial Internet and Smart Grid.
  5. The global market for wearable devices had grown 223% in 2015, with Fitbit shipping 4.4 million devices and Apple selling about 3.6 million Apple Watches.
  6. In the near future we will see even the IoT enabled clothing; they will be available for shipping in large quantities like usual clothing items by 2020.
  7. According to estimations by the McKinsey Global Institute, IoT will have a total economic impact of up to $11 trillion by 2025.
  8. According to TechNavio, Asia-Pacific is the biggest market for the Industrial IoT, valued near US$38 billion in 2015. APAC is expected to reach beyond US$54 billion by 2020.
  9. According to CB Insights, the top two investors in the IoT space are corporate: Intel Capital and Qualcomm Ventures.
  10. The industry experts have predicted that IoT will permeate many important aspects of our daily lives in almost a decade from now. It will be extensively used in the industries such as agriculture, retail, healthcare, automobiles, security, transportation & logistics, power generation, financial services, and insurance, among others.

Considering the future scope of IoT, the present time is the most opportune time to join this rapidly growing technological field. It provides many avenues for growth and offers a career path that is rewarding and fulfilling.

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