5 Resources to be Preferred for Creating Appealing Mobile App Designs

Android devices have taken over the market in the past few years to a tremendous height and the devices are gaining confidence of more and more consumers with passing time; hence, increasing the need for it to improve more. Android platform runs Applications that help users to commit various tasks whose accomplishment was only imagined, before the introduction of associated Applications. But, Android Apps have made it possible to make numerous things handy for use; thus, making the work easier.


With an increase in Apps and their need, it has called for the requirement of App Developers who can develop distinct Apps for varied functionalities. Since, it is human nature to get attracted towards the more attractive environment; therefore, Android users also incline toward the Apps that have an interactive design and appearance.

Resources that should be chosen for amazing App designs

Let’s take an insight at the resources that can aid an Android Developer to create Applications with more appealing designs and make it stand out in featured list of Android Apps:

  1. TETHR: It covers a completely free iOS design kit from InVision that avails eight Photoshop document files along with 138 templates that have 250 components which can be incorporated while preparing the design for Android Apps.
  1. Android App Patterns: It is specifically for Android OS and the website proposes inspirational designs that include more than 1,600 screenshots designed beautifully along with functional apps covering 31 categories.
  1. Unsplash: An App can gain fame in the App store, if the demo images have good quality, as they play an important role when a user considers to download a particular Application. Therefore, finding a collection of good quality images to be used, can be taken from here; but, this includes an associated cost as well. Unsplash is considered as one of the great resources for the Android Developers looking for high-resolution images that are copyright free and can be used in the desired way while developing an Application.
  1. patterns: It is a library of nearly more than 2,900 iPad and iPhone user-interface patterns, patterns enjoy over more than 2 million page views every month. It is considered as one of the best App for designing an outstanding App design and can be adapted for designing Android Apps too.
  1. App Icon Template: It is a free Photoshop resource that aids in creating an App icon for iOS and Android Apps. The tool is incorporated with built-in colors & textures and automatically renders different icon sizes on Android and iOS.

Look and feel of an App is counted as one of the prominent feature for the Apps when users consider them for use and focusing on this scenario the right manner is the job of an expert Android Developer.

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