A Training Solution Like Never Before with ‘Build Your Own Schedule’ from Multisoft Virtual Academy

As we all know, the fast paced present day competitive world is putting people under a lot of stress and depression. The professionals willing to go for on the job learning, a lot of consideration and thinking goes into how to manage time for specific days of the week to attain training. Acknowleding these issues, Multisoft Virtual Academy offers an online schedule maker known as ‘Build your Own Schedule’ that allows interested candidates to develop their own schedule without missing their work related deadlines.

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How the new Tool Helps in Building the Ideal Schedule

Managing time is one of the most difficult tasks considering the fact that there are plenty of things to be taken care of. However, with the new tool offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy, learners are able to manage their time in an efficient way and develop the training program of their choice. Some of the unique features of the application have been described below:

  • Learners get the opportunity to define the total number of hours they can allocate for their choice of training course
  • They also have the freedom to set the time as well as the days in the week they will be able to take out time for the training
  • There is also an option to set the training schedule either for weekend, regular or weekdays
  • Any type of special recommendations can also be marked by the learner

How does it Work

After the learner is done with the development of the training schedule, the submitted schedule gets a confirmation within 5 working days. The best part is that, even if some emergencies arrive, the candidate can request for changes in the confirmed training calendar provided that the request is communicated before 72 hours from the start of the scheduled training session. The ‘Build Your Won Schedule’ online scheduler tool is surely a great way to attain a quality 1-to-1 training session.

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