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Imagine that you see a job post today, inviting you to apply for a Networking job. You appear to be qualified and the work looks quite interesting as well. However, it requires Cisco Certification in your profile and that seems


Undoubtedly, it comes as no surprise that HR people and Recruitment Heads use Certifications to choose between candidates while hiring, and in variegated organizations it also inhibits career development. CCNA® stands as a valuable certification, but the level of value certainly depends on whom you ask. And, undeniably, certification is only valuable as the level of experience it accompanies. Read on to identify what you need to know about CCNA®.

What is the value of Cisco®CCNA®?

The essence of certification programs is not limited to the credentials exemplified in the piece of paper you receive. It’s in the knowledge and expertise you gain in the process. Not everyone who completes the program gains the same level of understanding or skills. Now, before we discuss about the value of CCNA® certification, let’s take a look on the value of certifications in general. IT job market is expanding at a faster pace, getting more crowded each day. If you are a Network Engineer or IT pro, you might be missing on a great way to enhance your career profile. Read on to know, the benefits of being a CCNA® Certified IT professional.

While you may have your own reasons for being a Cisco Certified, here’s is a list of general benefits of pursuing CCNA® Certification:

Career Opportunities: Well, you do not have to look very far in the want ads to discover that the current job scenario and hiring professionals are not only looking for people with a broad skills set, but professionals who have skills set that fit a special niche. These specializations give you an edge over other candidates and working professionals.

Capability for advancement

To attain any of the specialization, you need to be CCNA® Certified. The certification broadens up your knowledge and understanding of specific areas, while making you more rounded and confident Cisco admin. Additionally, it is a good next step in your career patch initiative to CCIE or CCNP.


Obtaining a new certification always helps you boost confidence in your knowledge and skills. In addition, whenever you are interviewing for a new position, management feels safer to hire someone who is well-versed with the process of installation, routing, switching and trouble shooting of networks.

Getting into the shortlist

The stronger your resume, the better chances you have to get through your interviews. Certification stands as a differentiator. And organizations seek for differentiators, while trying to get the best possible candidates.  Now, if you are an industry veteran that has never taken the plunge into exams, then you are certainly not out of the hiring race but you will be starting from a handicap to companies like Dimension Data.

Raises and their Reasons

Let’s talk some facts and numbers now! If you are willingly interested to pursue a life of Network Engineer/Architecture, it is a wise step to get into Cisco Certifications. These days, companies acknowledge the credential as a metric of basic networking knowledge. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA®) is an entry level certificate aimed at those entering the IT field. Obtaining CCNA® certification is a great way to take a big leap in IT career.

Certification opens door to higher income, more job security, better job prospects and ability to work at a rewarding position. Research analytics and data surveys conducted by Global Knowledge and Windows Pro in the fall of 2014 reveal that IT professionals trained as Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA®) see bigger paychecks. Indeed and Payscale reveal that the average salary for the Cisco CCNA® is between $78,000 and $82,000. The certification salary survey reveals consistent gains in compensation among professionals who invest time mastering the networking company’s technology. Average salary for segregated positions is bulleted below:

  • Network Engineer – Google – $107,534
  • Network Consulting Engineer – Cisco Systems – $106,296
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator – $57,329
  • Network Engineer – $64,656
  • Network Administrator – Oracle – $63,169

certification salary survey

Do an online search for top networking certifications and you will invariably find Cisco certifications populating the lists. Certifications at the associate level (Cisco CCNA® or CCDA) can help launch you into roles such as the network administrator and network engineer titles as exemplified in the RHT salary survey.

Have a look at the survey analysis!

survey analysis

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