Accentuate your growth prospects with CBAP certification!

Business Analysis is regarded to be a profession which has been ranked high on the salary meter and is full of challenging opportunities.A Business Analyst is regarded to offer strategic solutions to the team which cater to the organizational goals in a more meaningful way.Regarded to be one of the valuable credentials during hiring process, CBAP certification is seen to be a strong validation of Business Analysis skills gathered over the years of professional experience. 

CBAP® (Certified Business Analysis Professional) is a term which is currently being heavily used in the industry. It is a designation offered by IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) which requires the candidates to qualify a three hour multi choice examination. It is a totally skill based evaluation which consists of 150 questions. Business Analysis online training can bring you near to your goal which is aimed to nurture your talents in the right direction along with pumping up for the certification exam.

There is a lot of anticipation about the need of certification among professionals, but the ones who have benefitted with certification know its actual importance. For better or worse, certification provides demonstration of achieved skills and adds credibility to an individual’s resume. CompTIA’s survey of the HR perceptions has also accentuated role of certifications in accelerating the employment prospects thus making it a hit target for professionals in the years to come. 

CBAP Certification does not guarantee Superior Skillset 

There are numerous instances when people have come across certified CBAPs but were deeply disappointed by non-display of expected expertise. The experience should not be taken as a reason to not pursue the certification. Those contemplating similar kind of moves are probably getting the whole meaning wrong. Certification is NOT a guarantee of superiority. Some non-certified BAs have more capabilities than their counterparts and hence are more prone to make better decisions. 

Why to go for CBAP Certification? 

Growth Prospects

Undoubtedly one of the prominent factors for seeking a CBAP certification is an array of growth prospects which it offers in professional domain. Pursuing a CBAP certification introduces you to a broader realm of opportunities of BA which you have been exposed to so far. As per the analytics showcased by job portals, CBAPs easily get $10000 to $15000 more than their non-certified peers with similar years of professional experience. Moreover the similar surveys have been indicating an upward slide in the demand of the CBAPs at work place.

CBAP Salaries

Average CBAP Salaries

Love for the work

If you are today a BA, you are going to be a BA for life. Despite of the fact that there are a lot of fields like management or IT, the job will require your skills as a BA. Blending communication, analytical thinking, business knowledge and interpersonal skills will help you provide the required resultsin your career. Love and dedication are two important components which will fuel your career path. Third in the list is the certification which can help you get noticed.

Multisoft Virtual Academy with its Online CBAP Training has been playing a vital role in bringing professionals closer to their ultimate goal of adding a CBAP on their business cards.

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