An Overview Of The Knowledge You Will Gain Through Macros Online Training

The use of macro enables the users to save their time and energy by inhibiting them from executing repetitive tasks. With the right use of macros, one can easily automate several areas of data analysis, reporting and modeling work. The Macros online training familiarizes the individuals with the fundamentals of Excel VBA and provide them the knowledge of recorded Macros. This training also enlightens on the skills necessary to automate Excel and how and where Macros can be used in Excel. The training shows you how to run a macro, assign shortcut buttons to it, make small changes to it and much more. The training module is designed in such a simple manner so that the learners can easily grasp the content of the training. The following are the important things that an individual will learn from this training:Macros-Online-Training

  • How to create and execute Macros?
  • What is the structure of an Excel workbook from VBA point of view?
  • Excel VBA Objects- Workbook Object, Worksheet Object & Range Object
  • How and when to use variables to store information?
  • Understanding of Object Oriented Programming
  • Make the most of text boxes, label, drop down, list box and image box
  • What is Flow Chart, Process and Attribute?
  • Understanding of Life Cycle of Programming

After learning these skills, the participants become able to build custom logic within Macros, standardize the method of creating documents and manipulate text and data. The professionals working with Microsoft Excel or those dealing with large amount of data and repetitive work can join the Macros training online. This training is primarily envisioned for the candidates who are interested in:

  • Data analysis
  • Report creation
  • Decision making

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