Career Advantages of Hadoop Online Training!

Hadoop Online Training

Hadoop is a framework that allows users to store Big Data in a distributed environment to be processed in parallel. It consists of two components, HDFS (Hadoop distributed File System) and YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator). HDFS is used to store data of various formats across a cluster, whereas YARN is the resource management and job scheduling technology in Hadoop. It is used for search engines, log processing, data warehouse, and video and image analysis. It is scalable, economical, versatile, fast, and secure. There is hardly any organization that is not leveraging the power of Big Data and Hadoop. Hadoop online courses prepare participants for the Big Data revolution.

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Professional certification such as Hadoop prepares professionals for multiple job opportunities across various industries. Individuals who want to pursue Hadoop should have some experience with Java. Organizations often look for skills like Java while assessing Hadoop professionals for selection. Some of the most popular job opportunities for Hadoop professionals are Developer, Administrator, Data Engineer, Big Data Architect, Machine Learning Engineer, Software development Engineer, Big Data Engineer, and Big Data Consultant.

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With the rise of Big Data, Hadoop is one of the hottest skills to learn. It is being implemented in every industry, including financial services, utilities, media, retail, energy, and pharmaceuticals. According to Forbes, about 90% of global organizations are making medium or high levels of investment in Big Data analytics. Hadoop online training not only accelerates one’s professional growth but also attract job opportunities with high salary packages. The future of Apache Hadoop looks promising and flourishing. As per experts, it is expected to keep progressing with time. When it comes to Big Data, it is here to stay, and hence Hadoop has the potential to improve job prospects for fresher aspirants and experienced professionals.

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Hadoop training online enables professionals to add valuable Big Data skills to their profiles. Organizations have realized the advantage of implementing Hadoop and its various ecosystems and thus certified professionals are hired by some of the top companies in the market, like Cloudera, Amazon Web Services, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Adobe, etc. One of the most important advantages of online Hadoop training is the current lack of talented professionals in the job market. Despite Hadoop’s growing popularity, there are actually fewer people with the right skill. Hadoop certification online training programs by Multisoft Virtual Academy minimize this skill gap by providing the right knowledge to the participants. Not just expertise, professionals also gain an edge over others in the same field. Hadoop certification validates one’s knowledge of the latest features of Hadoop. At Multisoft, participants are given sufficient hands-on experience with Big Data to authenticate their experience. Hadoop training and certification are ideal for aspirants seeking employment in various IT companies or individuals who want to improve their skill set.


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